Chase Sapphire Preferred card — poor man’s Centurion card?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card in the past few months for their nice sign-up bonus. While I have no intention to keep using this card long term, I kind of love using it. Why? Because literally every time I make a purchase, I get a comment about how cool the card is and am mistaken for a high roller. For one, the numbers are on the back of the card, so the front of the card only has my name on it. More importantly, though, the card is much heavier and of a different material than most credit cards, much like the American Express Centurion card.

So yeah, this is officially the poor man’s Centurion credit card. Based on how many phone numbers the card is getting me, it should come with more than just purchase protection (okay, maybe that’s a bit of a complete stretch)… šŸ˜‰


  1. I have to agree. I just got mine in the mail yesterday, and I’m giddy to start using it because of how cool it looks and feels.


  2. Steve
    Did you get the 50,000 or the 100,000 (additional 50,000 that they were giving out in the beginning of June mostly by the secured email to those that applied for the 50,000 offer only?) I was thinking about this one, but was hoping to hear of a confirmation of getting the 100,000 this late in the game.

  3. I agree 100%. The girl at Sbux commented about how it felt different. I told her it’s made out of metal. If you don’t believe me put a magnet to it.

  4. Seems like Chase is doing this with other new cards too–my CO Presidential Plus has the numbers on the back. Normal material, though.

    Incidentally, my new ING Direct debit card came the same day as my CO card and it also has the numbers on the back. So for me that went from “elite” to “the new thing in credit cards” in the span of one piece of mail.

  5. I am still waiting to get hold of one..I have been denied couple of cards in the past mostly cuz I moved to US only about 8 months back and have no credit history.
    Just wanted to know, is it too early for me to get into the Credit Card bonus points game considering my credit history? Which would be the right card to get startd?

  6. Eh. People just look at it to verify where the mag stripe is and then swipe it. No comments. Really sad that we care this much about the design of a credit card!

  7. @ worldtraveller2 — I got the 50,000 point bonus. I was hoping for the 100,000 points, but they pulled that a day before my card arrived. Oh well.

    @ Vinay — Not really my area of expertise (you’d be better off asking Frugal Travel Guy), though if you’re a student I would shoot for a student credit card, which is easier to get. Other than that, I’m not too sure.

    @ ArizonaGuy — Let me guess, you’re married? šŸ˜€

  8. I’ve had some initial trouble getting it accepted at some places because the Visa insignia is also on the back. And after reaching the spending limit, I’m using it less now as I get more points/miles for most of my purchases on other cards. But like you, I’m considering keeping it just for the sexiness factor (that sounds really material, hah!)

  9. Haha I get the same reactions at restaurants and bars. The one girl asked if it was one of those unlimted spending cards. My gf thinks I’m full of it. I completed the spend and I’m sad to put it away even as my back up card

  10. I used it at the post office and the lady said “well I ain’t ever seen nothin’ like that before. Is it from the future?” She was old and senile, but hilarious. Haha…made me laugh.

  11. I feel this way with the Continental OnePass Plus card, too. The numbers are on the front and it’s normal material, but the card is black and the Mastercard logo is not the normal orange/red circles but silver circles instead.

    @nw: “Is it from the future?” lol

  12. I just got a Wells Fargo card (due to WF purchase of Wachovia). They gave me the ability to put one of my photos on it. (I only have it because the credit line gives me overdraft checking which I need because my wife does not believe in check registers; it is better to pay the overdraft fee than to bounce a check, especially in the small town where we live).

    I can say that it is a good idea for them. As a photographer who likes any excuse to show his work, I’m tempted to actually use it, but with no points or other bonus value, it lives in the desk drawer.

  13. I don’t get it. Seems you get 1% back on spend but the Capital One Venture card gives 2points per dollar so that’s 2%. So what’s the big deal with this card???

  14. I too am sad that I have hit my 3,000 spending target. It is an attractive card, easy to find in the wallet, and a conversation statrter. When I first got it, I thought it might even have been a chip and pin card.

  15. Hotel front desk tried to take an imprint of the card, then asked me if it was really a credit card. They ended up having to write the CC number down by hand.

  16. What sad pathetic and superficial people that feel a piece of plastic makes them important. BAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. guys, I have some questions about the Chase sapphire card…need a card to fill a vacancy in my wallet…

    annual fee?
    earn structure-airline miles or their mile system?
    the 3k spend for the bonus, what is the time limit on the spend?

  18. Currently still have my Zync card from American Express. You choose the pack of rewards you want (Airline double points for $25/year!).

    The thing is that it is white. I get comments all the time from people thinking it’s something beyond the black card.

    I normally just laugh and say, “yep, it’s a good looking card, isn’t it?”

    Also, my e-trade debit card is shiny silver. That also gets a ton of comments.

  19. For God’s sake, it’s a friggin credit card. Get over yourselves…and when all is said and done, someone still has to pay the bill…

  20. The AMEX Platinum Card is the true poor man’s Centurion. It isn’t made of any luxury materials, but its benefits speak for themselves.

  21. @n20man6

    ACTUALLY….it’s a piece of metal…and we’re not sad and pathetic..if anything we’re HAPPY and pathetic! hahaha

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