Tom Stuker hits 10 million miler status with United today

In what can only be described as pure insanity (even from a nut like me), Tom Stuker, United’s most frequent flyer, will achieve 10 million miler status with United today. What makes United’s million miler status so much more exclusive than those of other programs is that United only counts revenue “butt in seat” miles flown on United towards million miler status. American, on the other hand, counts all miles earned towards million miler status. So if you spent $10 million on a credit card, you would be a 10 million miler with them.

But Tom has actually flown 10 million miles on United… butt in seat. Amazing.

He’ll be flying his 10 millionth mile today on United 942 from Los Angeles to Chicago, which seems to be delayed over an hour. One FlyerTalk member is live “tweeting” the event, and has posted some pictures. Here’s one of Tom with the flight attendants, and here’s one of the party they have at the gate.

Also, here’s an interview he did with NPR today, and also an interview ABC had with him last year:

Tom, my hats off to you. I love to fly, but I’m not sure I’d want to log nearly a million butt in seat miles per year, even in first class.


  1. Yes, quite an accomplishment! Ironically, his flight (UA 942) was delayed leaving LAX for a little over an hour. Waiting in Chicago now to help celebrate this milestone!

  2. He said in the npr interview that he as around 50 million miles from using credit cards, hotels, car rentals etc..

  3. That is huge. But can someone tell me why he does not fly private? I am sure a G4 would be better than United.

  4. I’m in the LAX RCC right now. The desk agents were talking about him. They think he’s crazy!

  5. It appears he is doing close to a million miles a year lately. Per an earlier story he, did 700,000 miles in 2009 and at that point he was at around 9M cumulative. That is about one round trip to Australia every week of the year, if not more.

  6. I wouldn’t think of it as an “accomplishment”. I think it’s sad. They guy must have no life and certainly no home life. I feel bad for him and this is not something I would want to brag about if I were him.

  7. I need to agree with Steve. This guy must have no life and no home life. I would think it would be impossible to eat healthy & stay in shape. Eating out all the time or inflight isn’t healthy; all those hours in a worn down seat in an aircraft doesn’t allow time for aerobics or exercise. Why not just lease a private plane part time thru a Buffet company?

    Can you imagine going thru security that many times? Not a happy thought.

  8. I doubt auto sales consulting is lucrative to the point where a pj would be a reasonable option.

    Does anyone know if his travel is mainly domestic – or international?

  9. 1) His travel is primarily international. A lot of LAX-SYD, but also a lot of travel to/from SE Asia.

    2) He has stated in at least a few FT threads that he loves his lifestyle. He has enough money and miles to be able to take his gf (a MM, I believe) along with him almost everywhere he goes; he works with one of his sons (also a MM) and travels with him frequently; and has more than enough miles to allow for his other son and any other family to meet them anywhere in the world, should their schedules allow. While this lifestyle may not work for you or me (definitely not for me), I’m sure he doesn’t need your pity.

    3) The Gulfstream G550 and G600 barely have the range to make LAX-SYD (we’re talking by a few hundred km). How much would a private charter cost? Can’t be any less than a F ticket on UA. Certainly far more than a C ticket + SWU (and you can bet he’d be #1 on EVERY upgrade list).

  10. “I would think it would be impossible to eat healthy & stay in shape.”

    As it clearly shows the video. I guess it’s unrealistic to be able to live that lifestyle and look like George Clooney 😉

  11. Wow that is a lot of miles.

    @Steve- oh I get it you are just posting trash on every post. How useful. And you think other people are sad? Hilarious!

  12. Wow. I’ll back track and read some of the back ground links just for fun. Ten Million butt miles, on United alone and a frigin’ lot of time. Both he and United have every right to capitalize the achievement to their mutual benefit. Even with 10 million, his schedule is probably such that he probably has little opportunity to grab whole tickets. I’m guessing that -and for years – he’s been buying the lowest upgradable coach ticket and ugrading, father thay flying in an award seat. With that many miles, I wonder how long it has been since he actually fly in a coach class seat! Fun story! Beyond believing him nuts, I suspect that United is rather fond of him! Should he ever have the need to write to United about some issue, I’d also bet that he would get a quick response and **One that addresses his issue**! Thanks for the post.

  13. I was there for the UA celebration for Tom and met him. He lives near ORD. Seems like a nice enough fellow.

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