The story of a guy who catches his wife cheating on him with a 19 year old…

It’s not often I’ll just point to a thread and say “read this,” but this is quite possibly the most interesting thread I’ve ever read on the internet. FlyerTalk member LaLaland started a thread innocently enough with this post:

So… I have been saving miles for two years now… was planning to take the wife anywhere she wanted to go this Summer. The greedy, ungrateful, unfaithful, (expletive) just tee’d me off in the most unforgiving way… so I’m taking 3 of my 20 or so weeks of vacation and getting as far away from her as possible — ALONE.

What makes this thread more interesting than just about anything else on the internet is that the thread isn’t just a teaser. Over the next 20 or so pages and five weeks, he shares just about all the details of what happened, his life, the divorce he’s filing for, etc. The story is straight out of a movie.

LaLaland works in the movie industry and managed to standby for an earlier flight after coming back from a meeting so he could get home to his family earlier, only to find his wife cheating on him… with a 19 year old.  Apparently it wasn’t just a one off, and they were actually doing drugs together at their house as well (possibly in the presence of their kids).

Hell, he even shares the amount of money he’s having to pay his wife, the story about his wife moving out, and what’s going on in court. Then there’s this most recent post:

Thats not all we’ll have to blur … this kid is 19yo but looks 10yo (down there) on the video… what is up with with these teenage ‘boys’ shaving themselves to nothing down there? A little manscaping is one thing, but I don’t get the whole ‘I want to look like I haven’t gone through puberty yet look’… I guess they are trying to make themselves ‘look’ bigger or like porn ‘stars’ LOL… My atty and I had a big belly laugh when we were previewing the footage. He said this only magnifies the sheer contrast of their age difference. You should have seen the Judge’s face when we put that video up (dropped jaw, eyebrows raised, glasses pushed up from the end of his nose and leaning forward to get a better look see)… he even asked her attorney afterwards… “are you sure this kid is 19”?

Grab an ice cold beer (or ice cold Diet Coke with lime), clear an hour or two of your time, and read the whole thread. You won’t regret it.


  1. This is why I wish FT had a like button. Some of the posts in that thread are priceless.

    Sorry for the guy’s marriage. Well former marriage. But WOW sums it all up.

  2. I was kinda aware of the thread from a while back, but having nothing to do with Delta, don’t go into that forum and had forgotten about it. What an epic thread though! Thanks for the recommendation – was definitely worth reading through. Have subscribed to it now!


  3. I have to admit, I’ve been following this thing from the beginning. There’s something about this guy wearing his heart on his sleeve…he’s just seems very earnest about it. His situation is completely lamentable, of course…but the way he just so matter-of-factly shares his plight is utterly compelling. Better than any novel I’ve read in a long time. I’m rooting for this guy. He’s taken some flames from respondants to the thread (how could you leave on vacation during such a time of turmoil, etc), and he calmly answers. There’s even some weirdo psych doctor chiming in, with the most bizzare advice ever! I’m telling you…this thread is priceless.

  4. Lucky – if you absolutely HAD to choose, which FT thread takes the cake for all time most entertaining: this she-done-me-wrong thread, or the Delta DM Hat Guy thread??

    And I just had a revelation as I read that…both these threads started in the Delta forum!! OK, that SEALS it! I am for SURE sending away for my DM Hat, and heading for the Crown Room. All the BEST stuff must happen in there….

  5. @ thegasguru — Beautifully said. I couldn’t quite describe what makes the thread so “special” and what makes the guy so believable/relatable/interesting, but I think you hit the nail on the head. Certainly tough competition between this thread and the DM hat thread, hah!

    By the way, what do y’all say we fly out to LA and buy this guy some drinks? He damn well deserves them…

  6. I hate to possibly ruin the party but do you all really think this is true? Really?

    Who writes up their marital woes in detail on Flyertalk of all places? Methinks I smell a movie in the making…

  7. Honestly, I read the whole thread yesterday all the way through, and was a little depressed – the best parts were the two portions that you quoted yesterday, Lucky!

  8. I really think it is real. You can tell how the guy, as Lucky pointed out, started out innocently. As I read it, the dirty little details just seem to come out. It appears now he is beginning to regret being so open and seems now to be scared of it going viral. If it is not true, I don’t think he would be concerned. I too became depressed with the later posts. I think it is just a coincidence that he happens to be in the movie business and it is clear he is a suit and not a creative type. The post about the boy’s grooming habit is priceless.

  9. I am a freelancer for Variety, amoung others. This showed up on our radar yesterday. This is real and I have the court documants to prove it. My editor reached out to him this morning. My research shows he is a very high-level executive at Paramount. I even have his head shot. Afrer the email from my editor, he has gone on “hiatus”.

  10. Thanks videonewshound (no woder you need an editor)… now the thred is locked. So many FTers will be disappointed. Me amoung them! LaLa if you ever land here, know that we all are pulling for you. Your EPIC thred will go down in history.

  11. Count me among the skeptics…artfully presented, but just too pat. Interestingly, just as comments started appearing questioning this thread’s bona fides, LaLa did a disappearing act and the FT Delta Skymiles moderator abruptly shut down the thread.

    Can this be flogged into a story for the news media, or at least wider Internet consumption? If so, we have the genesis of a great screenplay, complete with advance publicity.

  12. I did reminded me of the movie “Catfish”. In the end it was very entertaining nonetheless. Took up two hours of my boring work day.
    and yes the best stuff do happens at the SC – love delta and my skypesos!

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