IATA confirms that the world’s favo(u)rite airline is…


Straight from Ryanair’s website:

Ryanair today (29th June) celebrated IATA confirmation that it is the world’s favourite airline after IATA stats for 2010 showed Ryanair carried more international passengers than any other airline.

My condolences to all 71.2 million of you.


  1. The fun part of flying Ryanair is seeing how many money traps you can sidestep. Like printing your boarding pass at home costs money but saves like $40 over printing it at the airport. And pre-determining the expected weight of your luggage when you buy the ticket is key. The per-kilo overage charge is roughly equal to the cost of per-kilo cost of sushi-grade ahi. The only one I couldn’t sidestep was the credit card fee. Apparently Brits use some kind of pre-paid card that gets around that…

  2. Getting around the payment card fee is more difficult than you can imagine – the only card for which there is no fee is, apparently, only available in very limited parts of the country.

    More interesting is the use of selective statistics here. They are re-using an old British Airways slogan – the world’s favorite airline – which is clever as it’s technically true, but totally misleading. There can be few people who enjoy a trip on Ryanair.

  3. I agree that Ryanair offers a terrible customer experience, but they do have great fares. Where else can I fly from Paris to Morocco for €12? They are also great for positioning flights.

  4. @boberonicus (or anyone else),

    So they are allowed to charge fees for printing boarding passes at home and at the airport?

    I thought fees were only allowed for optional items (e.g. checking bags, selecting seats, etc.) not for mandatory items like having a boarding pass.

  5. @Phil “Ryanair confuses ‘most travelled’ with ‘favourite’… no surprise there!”. They would argue, as BA did, that it’s a reasonable interpretation in a free market. There’s a choice of carriers and more people chose Ryanair against others. It’s a fair argument, I suppose – I usually fly UA, I’d prefer to fly Emirates or Singapore First Class. If someone asked me my favorite airline, probably the correct answer is UA because I choose it more often, partly on routes it flies, partly on price, partly on service. Clearly enough people take the view that Ryanair’s low price and extensive route network more than compensate for limited service – thus they favor Ryanair.

  6. Hey Rich,

    As I recall, it was 10 Euros to print the BP at home, or 40 Euros to print it at the airport. I suppose they’d say it’s your choice print the boarding pass or not!

  7. I flew Ryan Air BTS-AHO and back. The trip was only 94 Euros, but:

    There are many obnoxious fees and no way around them. Most of them make no sense.
    They terrorize everyone for the number off carry-ons. I wasn’t allowed 2 bottles of water with me because they were in a plastic bag which to them was another carry on. I had to take the bottles out of the bag (idiotic but true)
    Everyone had to fit their carry on into the metal cage. Even kinds with tiny backpacks. Took forever.
    The musical chair seating took quite a while too… not sure what the benefit or savings of not pre-assigning seats is.
    They try to sell you absolutely anything during the flight. From gross sandwiches to lottery tickets to charity contributions. The prices were reasonable.
    No water/beverage was served on 1hr 45min flight unless you buy it.

    Otherwise the flight itself was OK… new plane and it felt pretty safe. Not sure they will be my airline choice in the future tho.

  8. for usa customers, how do avoid the exchange rate surprise that comes at the end of booking process. once u think you have avoided all the traps they spring that one on u. the rate needless to say is criminal…

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