1. No Air Canada? I know its not a US airline, but they do offer private lie flat business class seats to Hawaii from YVR and YYC.

  2. @ sendaiben — I’m a moron, it has been a long day. Sorry about that, fixed now.

    @ Jack — True, though I tend to think of Air Canada as being in a different league for a few reasons. For one, there aren’t as many choices for Canadian travels when it comes to “premium” products to Hawaii. Second, US travelers can’t fly within the US via Canada, so it’s not really an option. Third, the fuel surcharges Air Canada imposes on awards makes it tough to compare the products.

  3. I live in Honolulu and travel to the mainland quite a bit, once a month or so. While I can’t speak for the other carriers, my unlimited upgrade percentage as a 1K with United is 100%, always at the 100 hour mark, peak and off-peak, never have to play upgrade roulette at the gate. This includes LAX, DEN, ORD, and SFO.

    And many of my friends and colleagues who are premier or premier exec usually have a pretty good upgrade percentage as well. All in all, very easy to upgrade on United to/from Hawaii. Whether or not the merger keeps the UDUs, especially for Denver and Chicago, is anyone’s guess.

  4. I didn’t know you could do the stopover on American at the NA gateway on the way back from Europe, I thought it was just when going to Europe. That’s great news for me.

    Does the NA gateway stopover apply to tickets to South America as well? (i.e HNL-DFW (stop)-GRU)

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