American extends double miles promotion for Haneda and Shanghai!

American flyers, let’s work together here!

I need to fly about 70,000 more miles this year on American to requalify for Executive Platinum, so it’s time to start finding some decent international fares.

I was excited to notice last night that American has extended their double miles offers for both Shanghai and Tokyo Haneda.

For Shanghai, American is offering double redeemable miles on all coach fares for flights through August 31 on their new Los Angeles to Shanghai route for AAdvantage members that register with code LAPVG.

For Tokyo Haneda, American is offering double redeemable miles on all coach fares for flights through September 30 on their new New York to Tokyo Haneda route for AAdvantage members that register with code NYHND.

In both cases you can originate in cities other than Los Angeles or New York, though only the segments specified above would be eligible for the double miles.

If you’re a Platinum or Executive Platinum member, we’re talking about earning 300% of flown miles. That means a roundtrip between New York and Tokyo Haneda would earn over 40,000 redeemable miles, or a roundtrip between Los Angeles and Shanghai would earn over 38,000 redeemable miles. That doesn’t even include the positioning segments to Los Angeles or New York. So if I’m going to Shanghai out of Tampa, for example, I could fly Tampa to Miami to Los Angeles to Shanghai, and end up earning about 50,000 redeemable miles for the roundtrip.

The issue is, I can’t kind a single reasonable fare. Yeah, I’m not expecting any great fares for July, but I’m surprised I can’t even find anything halfway decent to Tokyo Haneda for September, especially post-earthquake.

In the fall, on other hand, I see fares from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Dallas to Chicago to Shanghai and back for $900 all-in. So maybe it’s not worth taking advantage of this offer just yet.

Anyone see reasonable fares to Shanghai or Tokyo that would take advantage of this promotion?


  1. Ben,

    Wait til august 1. AA always announced triple doubles in July. Think about those eqms doubling!

  2. Well I see $900 in October, so I think something under $1100 (with a couple of domestic connections) would be “reasonable.”

    @ marc — You earn triple miles for first and business class tickets. I plan on upgrading using eVIPs.

    @ Chris — Pssh, I’m not flying coach. I’m an Exec Plat and have 8 eVIPs burning a hole in my pocket.

  3. Ben, there is sub 800 fare out of YYZ for HND in July (after mid-July) and August. So, if you can swing by YYZ area, you can get very good deals on the HND route.

  4. AA had decent summer fares of $925 a.i. to Tokyo from several cities on the East Coast (I think, including MIA) and even less from JFK but those are gone after the announcement of the HND bonus offer. The timing of the JFK-HND flight is also very inconvenient for visiting Tokyo. If you have Chinese visa, visiting PVG and Shanghai could work better. You can use Metro to get from PVG to downtown and it costs about $1.15 per trip.

  5. One more thing: You will be getting bonus based on the booked fare, i.e., the one you purchased originally. Thus, buying discount coach will give you just double miles + elite bonus whether or not you use eVIP.

  6. Remember Chinese visas cost $140 and take two weeks to get and are good for a year. I used evips for ORD-pvg in may and that’s a long hail flight: 14 hours!

  7. The timing of JFK-HND is fine in my opinion. Carry on your bag, run ahead of everyone to immigration, and you’ll get to your hotel around midnight. Plus you have the whole day to get to JFK. The flight back is a bigger pain in the butt since it leaves really early in the morning and it’s hard to get to the airport at that hour.

    Japan has a visa waiver for Americans and many other nationalities at no additional cost, and the food, water and air is much safer than Shanghai’s even in the middle of a nuclear meltdown…

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