Hilton 3rd quarter promotion: double miles or points

Hilton has unveiled their third quarter promotion, which runs from July 1 through September 30, and offers guests double miles or points throughout the promotion period. One has to register for their preferred earning method (double points or double miles) before check-in to qualify. Also, there’s a huge list of excluded hotels.

As usual for Hilton, this is nothing exciting, though bonus points are bonus points. Now I’m just curious to see what the other programs offer in the way of promotions. Here’s to hoping that Hyatt Gold Passport at the very least brings back “Gx” bonuses (which offer a certain number of bonus points per stay at select properties, historically in addition to any other promotions).

On the hotel front, I think the really telling thing will be whether or not Hyatt returns faster free nights this year (whereby historically you get one free night at any Hyatt in the world for every two stays). They’ve run it every year for a long time now, so if they don’t, I think we can all agree what affect launching a credit card has on a loyalty program. I have faith in the folks at Hyatt, though.

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  1. Does that mean 2000 miles a night when crediting to BMI? Pretty good deal! Got to go find some cheap Hiltons now…

  2. I wonder whether Hyatt will offer FFN in the fall or will they wait until 2012 to bring the promo back? If they do not bring back FFN for fall or winter 2011, there will be a mass attrition of elites in the Gold Passport program. Hilton’s Gold status offers travelers lounge access, free breakfast, and free internet access for either 16 stays or 36 nights. With the current Gold fast track promo earned after 3 stays, travelers have incentive to try Hilton.

    Hyatt’s program requires 25 stays or 50 nights to earn similar Diamond level benefits, which takes a lot more effort. Sure Hyatt offers Diamonds 4 confirmed suite upgrades, but their booking rates are often much more expensive than Hilton and their locations are much more limited.

    On the plus side for Hyatt, they have some truly spectacular hotels! When they run their FFN promo( 2 stays = 1 free night), it is an exceptional value that truly engenders loyalty. So come on Hyatt, bring back the FFN for the fall and winter of 2011!

  3. I don’t think you will see free nights from either Hyatt or Hilton for awhile. It seems like it was a recession artifact given there was a lot of unused capacity in the system to give away to increase sales. Now, not so much.

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