Today only: $4.99 for world power adapter including shipping

You know, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never had a proper worldwide power adapter kit. Well, I did once, but it was clunky and my mom (permanently) borrowed it from me. Actually, she borrowed it from me, and then let someone else (permanently) borrow it from her. Thanks mom, cause it’s not like I ever travel internationally or anything. šŸ˜‰

So for all my world travels over the past few years, I’ve always relied on the airline lounge or hotel front desk to have an adapter for me. That’s just idiotic, given how much time I probably spend walking back and forth between the front desk and my room given how often I switch hotels. Sometimes hotels or lounges don’t have adapters, so I drop $10 on an adapter specific to that region.

Anyway, through midnight eastern time tonight, Daily Steals is offering world power adapters for “free” (I put it in quotes for a reason), with $4.99 shipping and handling. $5 for a world power adapter delivered to your door is an unbeatable deal. I just ordered two sets.

(Tip of the hat to chitownscorner)


  1. Great Find!

    somehow NY managed to apply sales tax to this “free” item.

    Lucky – completely surprised that you don’t have a worldwide power adapter

  2. Thanks Lucky. I think I have an old clunky set somewhere that takes up way too much space. For $5 I can’t beat upgrading to this new simple kit.

  3. I picked up one of these for myself. The one I have is not nearly as compact, and I don’t think it has adapters for all of the different outlets.

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