$239 rate at Grand Hyatt Kauai September 1 through December 23

The Grand Hyatt Kauai is offering a rate of $239 for stays between September 1 and December 23. This offer is good for bookings through June 24 and is non-refundable. The rate is still subject to tax and one of those pesky resort fees, though the all-in cost is still under $300/night, which is great for this place.

I know a lot of people use their two free nights from the Hyatt credit card here, though I’d much rather pay under $300 all-in per night, use my confirmable suite upgrade, and earn points, and instead use my two free nights in a suite at hotels like the Park Hyatt Paris, Park Hyatt Tokyo, etc.

I’m thinking of making a booking in September in conjunction with a flight on Alaska Airlines through their current fare sale with all the bonus miles. I just can’t pull the trigger. I think my “trigger pull” of the year was going for Executive Platinum with American…

(Tip of the hat to chitownscorner)


  1. @ Jay — You mean you or a friend/colleage/hotel you know don’t have an address in Northern California? 😉

  2. Given that UA is running DEQM on SFO-ORD for residents of CA, I’d assume Ben’s already ‘living’ there!

  3. I live in Hawaii and concur. Better off using the free Hyatt nights elsewhere. Am currently at the Sheraton Kauai for the weekend and yes, they have that silly resort fee here also. Its a Hawaii thing.

    For those of you that think Hawaiian resorts are spectacular, go to a category 3 resort in Thailand and your frame of reference will shift dramatically. Unfortunately, when I apply that frame of reference to category 5 resorts here, I am disappointed.

  4. I was at this property this past winter, and I have to say that I didn’t enjoy it at all. Perhaps my vision was coloured by the time I spent immediately before at the lovely St. Regis Princeville on the other side of the island, but between the mediocre restaurants, poor service, and Disneyland-like atmosphere lacking any sense of refinement or elegance, I’d avoid even at this rate.

  5. As someone with a spouse and child who can’t do weekend trips to SE Asia, it’s a great use of Hyatt nights.
    But if you’re single, not planning on leaving the resort/lounge, and expecting European elegance, you will be sorely disappointed. In fact, I’d say Hawaii in general would be disappointing.
    They do waive fees for Diamonds on occasion, but I suspect that it has a lot to do with being a repeat guest as well.

  6. @deux – I actually hated the tacky Florida resort feel of Princeville and much preferred the MUCH quieter poipu area. The grounds of the Grand Hyatt are much more lush and sitting in one of the cabanas while watching the waves was very relaxing…

  7. I had (have) a reservation for November, and had reserved an Aloha rate (had to pay deposit of 2 nights @$363/night), with confirmed Suite upgrade for 7 nights. I called Diamond Customer Service yesterday, and they changed my rate to $239/night, and confirmed the rate without an additional payment/deposit. They told me the hotel will charge the balance when I check-out. Nice outcome!

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