My Coke Rewards lifts cap on Priority Club redemptions

Say what now? Yeah, I’m guessing most of you don’t participate in Coke’s loyalty program, though I know at least some of you do, which is why it’s worth a mention.

The one reason I’ve collected My Coke Rewards points since day one is because you can redeem them for Priority Club points. Well, for me the program has been more or less worthless for a couple of years now, since they capped each My Coke Rewards account at one lifetime Priority Club points redemption.

Probably against my better judgment I kept collecting the points. It’s probably not worth my time, even to just enter the codes, but I did it nonetheless. Well, today I was happy to notice that I could once again redeem for Priority Club points, so I picked up about 8,000 Priority Club points this morning. Like I always say, every mile/point counts.

For those of you curious about the conversion rate of My Coke Rewards points to Priority Club points, a 20 ounce bottle of Coke is worth three My Coke Rewards points, and a 12-pack is worth ten My Coke Rewards points. 500 Priority Club points “cost” 160 My Coke Rewards points.

Like I said, when I factor in the amount of time it takes me to enter the codes, there’s no way it’s worth my time. At the same time, my parents own a couple of businesses that go through a lot of sodas, so they collect the tops of the boxes for me. I just can’t bring myself to “throw away” Priority Club points.

At least I’m not digging through the trash for these codes anymore. šŸ˜‰

So if you’ve been saving up a bunch of My Coke Rewards points without any good use, this would be a good time to cash out!


  1. I collect them obsessively, but use them to satisfy my Diet Coke addiction.
    The 160 Coke Reward points equates to about 5 20 oz. bottles or a value of around $7.50 (plus the 5 additional caps will yield another 15 points).
    I’m not a math/miles/points guru, so can anyone explain which is the better “bargain”?
    I have hundreds of Coke Rewards points in the bank, and a pile of caps to enter, so maybe I should shift a couple of hundred to Priority Club?

  2. Or you can save up 630 Coke points to get 2,000 Priority Club points!

    Saves buying (or dumpster diving for the code from) one more 12 pack (which is what I need right now)

  3. This is amazing, brings me back to 2001/2 when a similar promotion was going around and a good friend of mine in high school spent lunch time every day getting bottle cap codes and ended up with so much free stuff. Glad to hear you stuck with it and reaped the rewards!

  4. I can’t figure out why I collect Priority Club points. I do the Topguest checkins each day via my blackberry. But I rarely ever want to redeem the points, because so many hotels won’t honor elite benefits on award stays. I like my redemptions at top-end properties leveraged by status. I don’t want to spend my precious vacation time in a basic room, which is all I may get on points with them. I find increasingly Intercontinental hotels firming up on award stays, even the IC Grand Stanford which will still upgrade to Harbour View says no club and NO MINIBAR (or even in-room movie) on award stays. Priority Club is the only program that won’t treat me as a valued guest on an award stay, so I find it incresingly hard to justify paying much attention to the program. Not gonna get in on this one… šŸ™‚

  5. The description of the 500 point award still says it’s limited to once per lifetime. Has this changed?

  6. Actually, MCR just had a 50 points for 500 Priority Club points a couple of weeks ago. It was well worth it as I used all my points on that. You should definitely wait for this to come around again.

  7. @Gary — One work around for the lack of benefits on IC awards is to combine revenue nights and awards nights on the same stay. Usually, you can convince the hotel to let you keep your club room/suite on the award nights, plus you can “save” your minibar beverages from the paid nights to use on the award nights. Either way, it is ridiculous that a Royal Ambassador stays 55-60 paid nights per year, and then has to worry about this petty stuff when trying to use points. So, like you, I find that these points just keep piling up, except when I travel somewhere outrageously expensive.

  8. As of 07/18/2011 I have 10,130 coke points…..Ive only seen one particular event where they offered some really good gifts/prizes. Well at that time I only had about 8,000 points, so I kept saving. So my question is about this priority club thing. I am going to Las Vegas Aug 11th-15th 2011, can I transfer them to this priority club program to get some type of flying miles discount?……Please email me if anyone has suggestions THANKS

  9. Looked on my coke rewards site and they are no longer is participating with Priority Club. Sorry to dissappoint you.

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