Hilton 48 hour sale coming tomorrow (2,500 bonus points plus up to 40% off)

There’s not a whole lot of information about the offer yet, though Hilton HHonors’ Facebook page is advertising a 48 hour sale between 12PM ET June 14 and 12PM ET June 16.

The text reads “Save up to 40% and earn 2,500 Hilton HHonors bonus points on your next stay.”

I’m guessing the 40% off rate will be non-refundable and based on the flexible rate (so probably not 40% off an advance purchase rate), and I have no clue what the terms and conditions are for the 2,500 bonus points (whether it only applies for one booking, an unlimited number of bookings, or what).

Either way, this is worth keeping an eye on, especially in conjunction with the free Hilton HHonors Gold status offer going on right now.


  1. I don’t think the “sale” part is new — they’ve been selling these “Great Getaway” rates for some time now. I think the new part is that if you book during those 48 hours on Facebook you get 2,500 bonus points.

  2. I am curious to see what type of rates are offered. I wonder whether this will be a real sale with good rates or more of a claimed sale.

  3. Lucky, I just looked at the ad, and it appears that this is a 48 hour offer of 2500 bonus points per stay for bookings of the Great Getaway sale. I hope there is more to this offer than 2500 bonus pints: the sale should offer truly better rates than the current advance purchase or Great Getaway sale.

  4. According to the Hilton map, the 40% off rate is only in Europe and Africa. I have 3 Hilton stays coming up in the USA (Gold Status offer) and my stays are only 15% off. Still, 15% is nice to have. Thanks for the info and happy travels!

  5. A person must book through the Facebook link in order to earn the 2500 HHonors bonus points, and the stay must be completed by September 5, 2011. You can buy 1000 HHonors points for $14.95. I was hoping for a better discount on the Great Getaway sale, but any bonus points are always welcome.

  6. I wish it wasn’t necessary to book the Great Getaway. I was planning on staying at the Hilton LHR T4 in 10 days, and have to book a higher rate and won’t earn the 2500 bonus points…

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