Free miles in your choice of program courtesy of Frontier

Through August 31, Frontier is offering 1,000 points to new members of their Early Returns program. Through, this can be converted into the following number of points/miles:

  • 184 US Airways miles
  • 297 Priority Club points
  • 138 Delta miles
  • 148 Aeroplan miles
  • 153 Continental miles
  • 153 American miles

Once you sign-up just go to and register for an account if you don’t have one already. Register the Frontier program and the program you plan on transferring the points to, and then click “exchange.” The points should post within a couple of days.

Ultimately we’re looking at about $3 worth of miles at most, so it may well not be worth your time. Then again, if it can extend the expiration of an account or get you over the next hurdle for an award/threshold, it may well be worth it.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Would this count as EQM? I’m assuming so because you mention getting over a threshold… And I’m about 200 short. Can two separate Frontier accounts transfer to a single other account?


  2. @ Jimbo — They would not. By threshold I just meant getting over an amount needed for an award ticket.

  3. How does the ‘Exchange’ thing work? It requires somebody else who would actually want those 1000 miles and even offer something in return?

    I guess that site is flooded with EarlyReturns points…nobody would be interested in actually exchanging any other currency for them?

  4. @ Xandrios — For it’s an automatic exchange, you don’t need a trade partner. It’s the only real “legitimate” website through which you can trade, sell, or buy miles (though at awful exchange rates). There’s no need for anyone else to want your points.

  5. I have 1500 Frontier miles from the previous sign up promotion and can’t exchange them on for US Airways, American or Continental.

    The rules tend to be stringent so YMMV for this depending on what program you exchange to.

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