British Airways new first class promo video

What can I say, I’m a sucker for any fairly well produced promotional airline video. Check out the video that British Airways just released highlighting their new first class experience:

Best of all, it’s accurate. She spends about 25% of the video walking through Heathrow Airport, which, on a 10 hour transatlantic journey, seems like correct time allocation (on a good day). šŸ˜‰


  1. No dinner on board?
    I guess she had her dinner in the lounge and just had tea and pastries.
    No champagne either when she boarded.

  2. @ rami — Hah, it does all seem a bit twisted, doesn’t it? Now that I think about it, what flight serves afternoon tea and then breakfast? Isn’t afternoon tea only served on daytime flights before landing (which means there would be no breakfast service)?

  3. BA5 (LHR-NRT) would have service like this. It is a 1:25pm departure, arriving the next morning. Americans: Remember that BA flies east from London, too!

  4. @ NYBanker — Wouldn’t that flight service lunch and then breakfast? When would they serve afternoon tea?

  5. Are F class passengers always this hot?! šŸ˜› If so, seat me next to them and we will party together from takeoff to landing! šŸ˜€

  6. Apparently she didn’t like the British Airways pajamas they give you! I just fly their new First Class a month ago and it was terrific. Got stuck in an old first class on the return…what a letdown.

    I am working on my second 2 for 1 certificate with BA on my Chase card and I am also doing the AMEX transfer bonus so I can go again in their first class cabin. Great fun!

  7. No PJs, I noticed that too – she sleeps fully (!) clothed! That is pretty disgusting, what with all the Heathrow grime… yuck! šŸ˜‰

  8. I also enjoy airline promo videos. Have you seen Delta’s new 30 sec. spot, promoting the idea that if you’re loyal to an airline, are they loyal to you (with upgrades, etc.)?
    Also, this video shouldn’t waste time covering Heathrow; it rather should focus more on differentiating detail on that first class experience; don’t you think?

  9. All I gotta say is, if I paid for F after seeing this and actually got the old crap class F, I’d be pissed. How can they possibly continue to ONLY showcase their NEW FIRST product when so much of the fleet is still old F?

  10. @Ben Those of us without hundreds of thousands miles banked take international red eyes in coach and sleep fully clothed, shoved up against the people next to us. It isn’t *that* bad.

  11. Did you see the size of the diamond she was wearing? And why was she wearing it on her right hand when she was drinking (twice); yet it was on her left hand in the shot when she was sleeping. What’s the message they are trying to send. You can’t fly BA F if you don’t have a diamond this size???? Weird.

  12. I would have changed into the pajamas… that’s for sure. Granted, maybe her pants and jacket were more comfortable?

  13. We flew new BA first SFO-LHR last week (thanks, AA, for finally partnering for real with BA and offering one way awards), and enjoyed the Concorde Lounge on arrival. A very nice experience. (Haven’t seen the old BA first….)

  14. Always tricky when an airline rolls put enhancements across the fleet. However this can’t be as bad as United who, four years after starting to advertise lie-flat beds in Business, still have no completion date in sight.

  15. My wife and I transited through LHR T5 on Sunday – if we were not flying FC on BA and had our own personal guide through that maze that is T5, we would have missed our flight. We spent a total of 30 seconds in the Concorde Lounge. The amount of time it takes to get through T5 is disgraceful.

  16. I thought it was a great video, quite elegant though I thought she would change into PJ’s and show off the BA PJ’s. @tivoboy I would be pissed to if I got the old seats after watching this.

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