Alaska Airlines $234 all-in fares between Los Angeles and Anchorage

It’s not often that I post about fare sales, but this is a good one. Probably in response to JetBlue starting service to Anchorage, Alaska Airlines is offering $234 all-in roundtrip fares between Los Angeles and Anchorage through the end of June. Fares for later dates in summer are $100 more roundtrip. They also have a double miles promotion for travel between Los Angeles and Anchorage.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the best mileage run fare the world has ever seen, but I know I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska in the summer, and fares are usually sky high. If you prefer you can even earn American or Delta elite qualifying and redeemable miles for travel on Alaska.

Another thing to keep in mind, should you want to try Alaska Airlines first class, is that they status match most elite status with competing airlines, and typically middle tier status with another program will get matched to MVP Gold status. MVP Golds get unlimited upgrades and also get four “confirmed” upgrades per year, making it possible to lock in an upgrade.

If you accrued Alaska miles and registered for the promotion above, you would be earning about 14,000 redeemable miles for the trip, which in and of itself is a pretty good mileage run, not even factoring in that this is a fun destination.

If only the fares to get from Tampa to Los Angeles weren’t $500+…


  1. Ben,

    On almost every Alaska flight I’ve ever taken up to the Northwest, if you get to the airport early, you can upgrade to first for $50. It’s by far the best deal going.

  2. As an MPV Gold 75, you see this less and less, and definitely not to Alaska. There are too many Golds grabbing the upgrades, leaving nothing left over for punters who are hoping for $100 upgrades ($50 is only for the shortest sectors)

  3. No Alaska, but you can get similar fares on Frontier out of DEN to Fairbanks from time to time in the summer. And Tampa to Denver fares are usually pretty low.

  4. Do you think you’d be able to get double AA miles with the double miles promotion or just Alaskan?

  5. @ Jason — No, just through Alaska Mileage Plan.

    @ Jason — That’s assuming you’re earning double miles for being an MVP Gold and also double base miles through the promotion linked above.

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