One Mile at a Time is now on Facebook!

While I’m fairly active on Twitter, it occurred to me that not everyone’s social life is limited to 140 characters. That’s right, I’ve heard about those of you that write in complete sentences on Facebook. Anyway, for those of you that are interested, the blog now has a Facebook page, which can be found here.

I’m still working out the features and trying to decide which path to take with it, though at the very least my blog posts will be linked there and I’ll be complaining about every time my nuts are cold and I get groped by the TSA. In other words, it will be just like my Twitter. 😉

I’m certainly open to suggestions as well about the best approach to take with Facebook. As of now I have my Twitter and Facebook linked, so every time I post to Twitter it also goes to Facebook, and vice versa. I was fine with that, though it just occurred to me that blog posts on Facebook might display better if I had them go directly to Facebook, so that the full title and about the first paragraph of each post would show, as opposed to 140 characters. In that case I’m probably better off selectively posting Tweets to Facebook.

Sorry, just rambling out loud here. Like I said, I’m learning! Suggestions are certainly appreciated.


  1. Nice, I was searching for your blog on Facebook, but couldn’t find it and was kind of disappointed, great timing! I just wanted an easy way to find when you made a new post here. So, if that’s what you’re planning, that would be great.

  2. Very cool, Congrats. Just something to consider about the Twitter integration: not sure how preterm often you yet tweet, but if any non-friend shows up in my facebook feed more than once every day, I’m not likely to keep them there too long… Nothing personal, just a general principle.

  3. @ Jennifer — Thanks! I promise to keep it simple!

    @ Doug — Keeping activity to a minimum seems to make the most sense. I’m going to delink Facebook from Twitter, and instead just have my posts automatically post to Facebook, along with the occasional Facebook-only discussion. Argh, if only I had decided on that earlier. You have no clue how long it took my technologically incompetent rear to link Twitter and Facebook. 😀

  4. @ Johnson — I’m not sure what you mean. I have my name on the “About” page on Facebook, and welcome anyone to add me on Facebook.

  5. Stephen there already is one

    * You can add yourself in the backend as the site owner to be shown down left on the front page [see and for examples of what you can to blog and page]
    * can make a welcome page to introduce people to what this page is about and promote your page and twitter
    * connect here back with a fan page display
    * encourage readers to like pages here [more impact on facebook than them becoming fans] by adding social share – the share you use here is a share, you want like
    * i think you have here a wordpress, there are great plugins to make sure that when you link a post on the page, it actually does have an image with it and not just the text. look on your fanpage about the posting with quantas (with image) and all the rest without – there should be a default one.


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