Instant Hilton HHonors Gold membership for those with Signature Visa credit card

Hilton is offering those with a US-issued Signature Visa credit card instant HHonors Gold status through August 31, 2011. If you stay three times by August 31, 2011, your Gold status will be extended through March 2013.

For those that are already HHonors Gold or Diamond members, registering for the above offer will earn you 5,000 bonus Hilton HHonors points (which will post in 1-2 weeks).

While Hilton’s top tier status isn’t all that great, they have one of the best mid tier elite programs, with upgrades to club rooms on a space available basis. Actually, one of the major problems with the HHonors program is that there’s not enough differentiation between their top tier and their middle tier.


  1. I used a different browser, after I got the error message, and it worked fine w/the second try.

  2. Lucky, the fact that Hilton’s Gold status is so good is quite an advantage as you do not have to complete as many stays or nights to keep the status. It is aimed at Marriott’s program to compete with their Gold and Platinum levels that require fewer nights but similar benefits. The best benefits of Gold(and Diamond) are seen at international locations where the hotels tend to reward their elites with good upgrades and service.

  3. Ben,
    Where did you see that current Gold/Diamonds will get 5K HHonors points? I didn’t see that in the FAQS or Terms and Conditions.

  4. Sweetness. Just canceled this weekend’s HIX for an Embassy Suites. Discovered Embassy Suites in Flagstaff, AZ includes cooked-to-order breakfast for all guests regardless. Nice.

  5. Wonder if this would work for an authorized user card? Also, if you previously fast-tracked to Gold this year and have already completed the requirements, would you receive the bonus points?

  6. Awesome, thanks Lucky! Why I don’t stay at Hiltons too much anymore (PC and Hyatts these days), it’s always nice to get a free breakfast.

  7. Do you have a link for the 5,000 bonus points for Gold and Diamond? I can’t find that anywhere!

  8. Biggles209: After you enter your info, it says that you are already a Gold, and they will give a one-time 5K bonus.

  9. Interesting. I was already a Gold – but with no stays this year. And I took screenshots of all the signup stages. And I still can’t find it!

  10. Note that the promotion specifies using the VISA Signature card for the stay. Sounds like using the Hilton AMEX (a natural choice) won’t count.

  11. It says rigth after you get the gold status that “To extend your Gold membership through March 31, 2013, simply complete three stays using your Visa Signature card by August 31, 2011”

    If that is enforced or not, we shall find out later 🙂

  12. Awesome! I entered my info, it said I was already elite and I would get 5000 points in 1-2 weeks. Thanks for the tip, Lucky!

  13. For those having the Hilton AMEX, the simple solution is to book 3 cheap mattress runs (single night stays) paid with a Visa Signature on the weekends for $60-$70 a night at Hamptons or Hilton Garden Inns. Then you have Gold status on the cheap. The Gold status becomes very useful, if you are booking international Hilton branded properties.

  14. It seems to work for other people’s accounts as well. I used my Visa Signature card number to upgrade mine and my mom’s accounts. An easy way to make new friends…

  15. I was not Gold previous to this promotion. As shown on FTG, I did it twice, with two different Visa Sig. cards, about five minutes apart. On the second try it said I would get 5000 bonus points since I’m already a “Gold.”

  16. I just stayed at a Hilton last night. Let’s hope that stay ends up counting toward the three!

  17. FANTASTIC! My status changed instantly on registering and I’m already booked for three stays in the next 30 days, including one tomorrow night at a full service Hilton for $80: well worth GOLD status until 2013. Thanks Ben!

  18. I find it amusing that I can gain Hilton status while using my Visa Signature Hyatt card but I’ll take it.

  19. You don’t actually need to pay with the visa signature card on your three stays. The terms and conditions only state: “By completing three qualifying stays at any participating hotel and resort in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio by August 31, 2011, Member will retain HHonors Gold Elite status through March 31, 2013.”

  20. anybody know if you can use a promo rate night in order to qualify? Like a bed and breakfast deal? Also it says 3 qualifying stays. Does that mean 3 separate nights? Because if you try to qualify for MVP gold fast track they require 4 stays or 9 nights…

  21. @Victoria, I’m guessing as long as you book through and its a paid rate you’re good. A stay is any number of consecutive nights at the same hotel. So if you want to get 2 stays from a 2 night trip you need to check into 2 different hotels.

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