Fair warning: 28 part trip report coming tomorrow

I’m making this post so those of y’all that feel the need to rant can do so here. šŸ˜‰

I’ll start posting my Mega Trip #2 trip report tomorrow, at a pace of about an installment a day. It looks like there will be about 28 installments. I’m doing my best to consolidate the posts much as possible, but when you fly over 35,000 miles, visit over a dozen airline lounges, stay at a handful of hotels, and visit four countries, it’s tougher to break it down much further. Besides, now that I have a trip report index, I find it much easier to break down posts as much as possible so they’re easier to reference.

So get some popcorn, clean your spectacles, and dumb yourself down in anticipation of the report. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Bring it on! I need vicarious travel pleasure–it’s my drug these days. If you cut it down, I’ll be jonesing for a hit and go down to the skeezier areas of Flyertalk looking for whatever passes for a high these days. 34 pictures of the Willard Intercontinental? That weakass shit’s like methadone. BOS-FRA-ZRH? Not enough for a junkie like me. The only thing that scratches my itch, so to speak, is pictures of Diet Coke with Lime. I’m *that* specific in my addiction.

    So long story short, don’t deny me my toke. šŸ˜€

  2. I’m looking forward to reading your reports, not matter how you file them. At the ver top – or the very bottom, I might be nice to include a time and expense statement: In other words, how many days/hours were you away from home and what was you true cash outlay for for the period, including **everything** spent between passes through your own front door. Thanks for the fun reports, ‘Lucky.’ They are a hoot to read.

  3. Cedarglen has a GREAT idea! I would love to see the financial breakdown of each trip, door to door, miles, time, and dollars. Would make it even more interesting.

  4. Your trip reports are always must-reads…just the right balance of information and sarcasm:). Looking forward to each installment!

  5. So looking forward to your trip reports – I often make my choices based on your experiences and have been maximising lounge access and airline choices to widen the variety a little, though top share goes right now to UA/DL/CO, not necessarily, top experiences

  6. @Sam- that’s great,

    I’m looking forward to them too.
    I’m guessing we will see somewhere around 25 Diet Cokes, 7 with lime, 18 with lemon (those darn foreign carriers).

  7. @Lucky, my only negative comment, post more then one per day. C’mon man don’t be a slacker :), keep your peeps happy or we may turn against you.

  8. Thanks for the kind words, folks! This time I’d be happy to break down the total cost for everything in the conclusion (from taxes on tickets to transportation in cities).

    @ Sam — ROFL!

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