50% Membership Rewards transfer bonus to British Airways Executive Club

Through July 31 American Express is offering a 50% bonus on transfers from Membership Rewards to British Airways Executive Club. The bonus only applies to the first transfer for each cardmember, and the bonus miles post immediately with the original transfer amount.

They had a 40% transfer bonus earlier in the year which was great, but this is truly incredible.

Executive Club charges 150,000 miles for a first class award on Cathay Pacific from North America to much of Asia, so through this promotion it’s only 100,000 Membership Rewards points. Similarly, business class on Cathay Pacific to most of Asia is 100,000 miles, so through this promotion it’s only 67,000 Membership Rewards points.

Business class on LAN from the US to South America is 80,000 miles, so through this promotion it’s only 54,000 Membership Rewards points.

It’s also worth noting that British Airways allows unlimited stopovers, though they have started imposing some fuel surcharges on partner awards too. I recently booked a Cathay Pacific award to Asia for someone and the taxes and fuel surcharges totaled around $400. Still, 67,000 miles plus $400 is beyond a steal for a business class award to Asia, especially with a stopover. Lastly, keep in mind that Executive Club awards get substantially more expensive when you book more than one airline on a single award.

Still, this is one I’ll most definitely be taking advantage of.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Hi Lucky,

    How do I an award chart (?) that lets me use BA mileage for a Cathay Pacific flight?

    The Oneworld Chart sure doesnt look like the same mileage rates as you just mentioned…



  2. If u book now A.A. and base on amex BA 50% bonus transfer- A.A. flights are a true bargain the 17,500 mile r/t fare will cost less than 12,000 miles when netted down

    SEE :
    “30 deals in 30 days.” . For all Economy Class Mile SAAver award tickets, save 30% on the amount of miles that need to be redeemed. This is for award tickets booked within the Continental U.S. and Canada. Tickets need to be booked by June 10, 2011 and it is for travel between September 7-November 8, 2011.
    Great for tickets cross-country or to Canada.
    No registration is required The number of miles needed for each leg will already be discounted, so you will see quickly which seats have the 30% discount applied.

  3. @ scott — This is the award chart you should be most interested in:

    Those are the prices when redeeming miles for travel on a single partner airline like Cathay Pacific.

    @ stan ath — Unfortunately you can’t combine the two offers. The 30 deals in 30 days promotion is through AAdvantage, while this transfer bonus is to Executive Club. So it’s one or the other.

  4. so if you transferred points at 40% you can’t transfer more at the 50% now – it being ‘first time’ only, if I understand right?

  5. @ paul — Try to register, and if it lets you register you should be good to go. I believe the condition is that it’s the first time transfer at 50%, though I might be wrong.

    @ Jamie — Yes you can.

  6. I’d give anything if I found out about these amazing deals before they expired instead of afterward!

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