A soccer mom, cross dresser, and two Southwest pilots get in an elevator…

Please note this post is purely for entertainment (though entirely accurate), so take it with a grain of salt. I’m being descriptive solely to set the scene. Beyond that, I’m guessing the post won’t come across as being nearly as funny as the actual situation was, though I’ll do my best!

So last night I went to the front desk at the Sheraton LAX to get a toothbrush. When I got in the elevator to go back to my room, there were two Southwest pilots, a mother with a young son, and a crossdresser in the elevator. The mom says to the pilots “I love your ties, those are so cool. Are all those airplanes from one specific airline?” The captain responds with “yes, they’re all Southwest planes.” At this point the crossdresser jumps in and says “oh no, not Southwest, you buying AirTran and taking away our first class seats, aren’t you?” The first officer responds “yeah, they’re getting rid of first class.” The crossdresser responds “oh no, in Atlanta all we people care about is first class. We don’t like you one bit, we just want those big comfy seats. We just want our first class.”

I had to get off on the first floor for which the button was pushed, though was so mesmerized by the conversation that I forgot to get off. So I only added to the situation by yelling out “oh crap” when I realized I missed my floor.

It certainly won’t come across as funny as the situation actually was, but oh man, it was quite possibly the most funny, bizarre travel moment of my life. Wish I could’ve gotten it on video.


  1. One time I was in Shanghai at breakfast, and at the table next to this large muscular man with a really high pitched voice and english accent just starts screaming multiple times at the waitress, “Where is my special tea!”, “I want my special tea!” It made it more funny that he had this high pitched voice but was so ripped. It was one of my funniest travel moments. This was pre-youtube, but if I had a camera and recorded I am sure it would have been one of those viral catch phrases!

  2. Your story reads like it should have started with “A soccer mom, cross dresser, and two Southwest pilots walk into a bar … ” 😀

  3. Well, since Lucky ISN’T a pilot, a mother or a “young” son, I guess Lucky was the cross dresser.

  4. Just out of curiosity, was the person a cross dresser or a transwoman? I mean did the person appear to be a man dressing in drag, or a woman who appeared to only possess one x chromosome but represents herself in the gender she feels reflects her identity? For trans people it is a very important distinction. I’m not trying to be the PC police, just trying to help people not offend others 🙂

  5. Wow, this is amazing–what a great moment! I would’ve been mesmerized as well!

    @Alex, I’m curious about that as well. Perhaps Lucky can shed some light on the situation.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Lucky! Hope you are feeling better.

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