British Airways ends their open door lounge access policy for Gold Card holders

British Airways has long had a policy of giving their Gold Card holders lounge access regardless of which airline they are flying. While Gold Card holders get first class lounge access for them and a guest when traveling on OneWorld airlines, up until now they got access to the Terraces lounges whenever they were flying, even on a competitor. For example, if a Gold Card holder is flying on Easy Jet out of London Gatwick they could use the British Airways lounge, or if they are traveling out of New York Kennedy on United they could use the Terraces lounge.

Well, as of June 17 that benefit is being discontinued. I’m quite sad to see the benefit go away, since it was special to the extent that it shows the customer that they’re valued beyond any particular transaction, but rather valued for their ongoing loyalty. On the plus side they gave a bit of advance notice, though on the down side the email sent out to members mentions that this change is “also based on feedback we have received from Executive Club members.” C’mon now…

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  1. Qantas did the same earlier this year with their Any Time Access for Platinum members. Big loss…

  2. @ Andy — Probably an attempt to save a few dollars and make the lounges a little bit less crowded. I’m guessing some bean counter said “we don’t have to offer this benefit, so let’s cut it,” and that was that.

  3. I wonder what was the proportion of the BA elites (Gold) utilizing the lounge and not flying BA out of all customers using BA lounges. I’d think the proportion is relatively small. Nonetheless, taking this benefit away probably wouldn’t deter their most loyal customers to drop BA as their option/choice all together… hence their decision to take this benefit away made a business sense to them. Perhaps BA will start selling their club membership like most US carriers? 😉

  4. shame this,as I’ve just clawed gold back only to face this blow..although saying that ..the number of delays, strikes and other issues impacting the T5 Heathrow hub had me running for star alliance already anyway

  5. Gee – BA wants to incentivize its pax to spend more money on BA’s partners, so as to generate a financial benefit to BA. Imagine that…

  6. Shame indeed. Plus side is, there’s not too much difference between silver and gold anymore these days, so it’s not that bad if you get downgraded – although I doubt that was the objective

  7. For an Airline which now has OLD PLANES,Cranky Staff,High Prices.Had only the loyal club members,this is a good way to lose them too !The Lounge of Virgin is an eye opener !If the points earned cant get seats,you look at other options,head to BA lounge ,get turned away and find yourself in a better place!Benefits OF BA:extra bag,seat choice(though not as comfy as the others ).Someone is trying to kill the Airline by driving away the Loyal base now!

  8. Alounge :Is a marketing/PR tool,To close doors to club base is to close doors to profit !A short term gain of a few pennies but a long term loss of Rev.Shd want to showcase it ,unless it is not worth camparing ,like their planes and staff !The 180 flat beds are now available with most airlines plus happy faced flying crew !And great ground staff at Arrival belt ready to help unlike BA !

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