1. Looks amazing. Comtes de Taittinger – awesome champers! Look forward to the full report

  2. Nice!! I’m finally getting on my first A380 Tuesday, FRA-JNB on LH. Only in C (unless any last-minute F award space opens up). That QF cabin looks amazing

  3. The hard product is nice and shiny, but I found the Qantas service severely lacking in business. QF doesn’t hold a candle to CX/SQ on the service side. Of course, I wasn’t in First Class. šŸ™‚

  4. QF A380 f is pretty good. What’s your view of second best? I put the overall qf f experience behind sq suites but ahead of EK Suites.

    My best flights, however, were at Mach 2!

  5. @Simon, Ralph

    I agree – I’d like to see Lucky’s review on this one!

    I’ve tried QF A380 F before and can’t say I don’t like it – it is great. I haven’t tried the fully enclosed suites of EK and SQ – though it’d take me a bit to get used to this whole fully enclosed thing.

    I think the QF concept is a nice middle ground on the fully enclosed vs. traditional open “suite” concept. Plus the beds are really good on QF (vs. SQ F, although the SQ Suites may have different bedding).

    In short – is QF A380 F great? Oh yes. Comparing it to other F products around the world (except those from the USA) – more challenging.

    Can anyone recall all of the different F products Lucky has flown so far?


    Why would you rank EK Suites F < QF A380 F?

    @Mike Smith

    Nope – all metal.

  6. Better than Asian or Middle Eastern carriers? I’ve flown QF F on the A380 from SYD to LAX, and I don’t think it is better then EK F. However, my partner ranks the QF flight more highly than I since our flight atendant tooking a liking to him šŸ˜‰ and gave him better service.

  7. Man, y’all aren’t very patient at all. šŸ˜€

    @ anat0l — I think I’ve flown just about every top first class product with the exception of Emirates, Etihad, and British Airways. I’ll be flying two of the three in the next few months.

  8. How difficult is it to get an award in First on Quantas? How far in advance did you have to book it?

  9. You need to try the EK Suites and non-suites…would be curious to hear your opinion of both…

  10. You’ll only get a review of EK or EY in first class if there’s a way to leverage your way in there with points.

  11. Lucky — Can’t wait for the full trip report! You know, the first and only F class international flight I’ve ever taken was on Quantas. It was way back in 1986 and my dad cashed in FF miles for all four folks in my family to go to Australia. I was only a kid back then so I couldn’t even tell you what kind of plane it was, but I loved every second of it. We were in the very nose of the plane and had seats that turned into flatbeds. And there was a little library up front with books to take. Best of all was the service. The FAs brought my brother and I whatever we wanted (my brother says we had steak and lobster followed by ice-cream sundaes). I still remember trying to explain to the FAs what ketchup was — they had never heard of it. Evidently, it was called “tomato sauce” back then in Oz. Things have obviously changed, but I’m bettering the service is still spectacular.

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