United and Continental change standby fees

United and Continental have now aligned their standby and same day confirmed change fees. Now standby and same day confirmed changes will be free for Global Services, 1K, Platinum, Premier Executive, and Gold members, while the fee will be $75 for Premier and Silver members. This is a huge improvement for Premier Executive members, as United previously charged for standby and confirmed same day changes for them. I always thought it was ridiculous that mid tier elites would have to pay to standby, so I’m happy to see this change.


  1. It is only sortof aligned. More to the point, the above change still only applies to UA metal. On CO metal the change fees are part of the fare rules and they did not change this week.

  2. YES! As A PremEx that mostly travels on high-frequency routes, this is a very very welcome change.

    This is actually an improvement from before, as same day confirmed is now free for PremEx as well.

  3. Earlier in the year I arrived at the airport early. I asked the G/A if standby space was available. She said for $50, you can fly. This was my first exposure to the new rule. My actual flight was 60 minutes later, so I said thanks, but no thanks. I’m PremEx.

    I was never one to book a cheap flight at an odd hour and head to the airport early with hopes of getting a seat on an earlier flight. Looks like I can play craps now, and take my chances.

    I’m greatful UA restored this ‘enhancement’.

  4. As a 1K who will likely drop to 1P next year, this is fantastic news! Combined with the blue/red carpet devaluation for 1Ks and access for all elites, 1P is seeming marginally better now.

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