Who needs first class when you have Singapore Airlines business class?

Good morning/afternoon/evening from Tokyo Narita, as I’m currently enroute from Los Angeles to Singapore in business class on a Singapore Airlines 777-300ER. While I almost exclusively redeem my miles for international first class (because I find it to be the best value), Singapore Airlines is an exception. I would argue their business class product is better than the first class products of about 80% of the airlines out there. Singapore, you’re in a league of your own, and I look forward to spending the next seven hours (sleeping) with you all the way to Singapore… too bad my mileage redemption on them was just a fluke.

Of course a full trip report is on the way upon the completion of my trip, though I’ll share one quick story. I met a fellow business class passenger at check-in, and we spent most of the time in the lounge talking. He had never flown Singapore Airlines before, and instead usually flies Korean Air, and was telling me how he thinks they’re one of the best airlines in the world. 10 minutes after boarding starts he comes up to me and says “holy $*&%, this is even better than you said it was… I’m never flying Korean Air again.”

And indeed Singapore Airlines is just about the best out there in-flight. Any airline that caters a fresh box of Krispy Kreme donuts as business class snacks deserves top marks in my book. 😉


  1. I would prefer Dunkin N Donuts, but this is just my preference. Good catering and service are essential to premium products, and I hope to fly SQ one day soon.

  2. SQ First is fantastic. I actually prefer the older (747) first class seats over the newer ones. The service is more personalized, the Krug/Dom is bottomless, and the TV screen is larger.

    @Lucky – Did you try to book the business only non-stop? You would’ve also checked off one of the 5 longest regularly scheduled commercial non-stops in the world (often the longest when the winter westerlies are in full force).

  3. @Lucky – How did you find the seat in sleep mode?
    @Eric – SQ is a great airline & YES – the 747 Sky Suites are beautiful and sad to see them leave service.
    Sadly their Frequent Flyer scheme isn’t as generous as American Carriers.

  4. @Lucky – Every time I see a blog about F class food I wonder how can someone eat that much and not gain lots of weight. Do you just eat part of the meal? Do you hit the hotel gym immediately? Even in E they give you a lot of food. High metabolism and youth help some.

  5. Lucky,

    I’ve flown SQ J in the A380 three times (LHR-SIN), and on the 777-300W three times. And believe it or not, F is better (at least on the 747s and 777s). I’ve yet to do R on the A380 – but I can’t wait for the opportunity.

  6. Lucky, I love how you do it real Big. But SQ biz Class, is Blah. I actually prefer Envoy (Gasp) tp SQ biz Class. Their first class product is outstanding. I do not know who I like more Sq or ANA.

  7. @ Eric — Totally agree Singapore first is ten times better, though I would say the new business class hard product is better than the old first class hard product.

    @ Chris — I was fortunate enough to be in the first row of business class, which is really almost like first class because instead of having a cutout like the rest of the seats, you have the whole area in front of you clear. It was incredibly comfortable.

    @ Paul — The simple answer is that I gain weight when I travel. When I’m at home I eat pretty healthy and work out, and try to as well when I travel. But yeah, eating airplane food isn’t healthy. I do it for you guys. 😉

    @ abcx — See this post for details:

  8. Love your reports Lucky!

    Any details on the wine served on SQ?

    Thanks for your blog and the effort that goes into it!

  9. I’ve read some “complaints” about the width of the new business seats on SQ. Obviously they’re great for sleeping, but the complaints were in sitting mode. Thoughts?

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