Airplane Etiquette 101: please use headphones when listening to Shakira music on an airplane

Dear 1D:

No, it’s not appropriate to blast Shakira music on your iPhone without headphones. And when I ask you to use headphones, please don’t look at me like I’m from another planet.

(not so) Lucky


  1. Also if you do have headphones on, I shouldn’t be able to hear your music at what would be a comfortable listening level for me. Kinda defeats the purpose of headphones, doesn’t it?

  2. Apparently people don’t really care about others in the plane – just look at your poll, 57% thinks reclining your seat is a right, even though it’s super annoying for the guy/girl in the seat behind you.

    So, if annoying the passenger behind you by reclining is ok (not just ok, it is a right!!), annoying the passengers around you by playing music is ok.

  3. @Wouter – I would hardly compare reclining your seat to playing music loud without headphones. Perspective please

  4. @Phil: I rather have someone playing music than the passenger in front of me reclining his/her seat the second he/she sits down..

  5. @Pouter…I mean Wouter

    I can’t wait to sit in front of you on a flight! I love to recline 🙂

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