Priority Club offers $75 gift card for two night weekend stays through August 31, 2011

Priority Club is offering US Residents a $75 prepaid Mastercard for a paid weekend stay of at least two nights between May 16 and August 31, 2011. Registration is required in advance of the stay. You can earn the bonus up to four times per household.

They do make this slightly complicated in that you first need to submit a rebate form, and then you need to mail that along with the hotel bill and registration form to the following address:

IHG, Dept. 11-51287
P.O. Box 540027
El Paso, TX 88554-0027

So it’s not the easiest promotion in the world, but hey, it’s $75!


  1. I needed a weekend stay to complete my crack the case promotion, so this works perfectly!

  2. I’m always a little confused if Sunday is always considered a weekend night. Can’t find any reference to this on the deal itself. So Saturday/Sunday would qualify for a consecutive weekend stay, correct?

  3. Never mind. Just received the registration confirmation email which states Fri/Sat/Sun qualify for the weekend stay. Can’t be too careful with these promos…

  4. I need help with that 🙂
    1. Am I correct that this is $75 for 2 nights, not 2 stays?
    2. I booked one night already, if I add another night, will I get it?

    Great deal IMO.

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