30% off Admirals Club membership through June 13, 2011

As part of their “30 Deals in 30 Days” promotion, American is offering a 30% discount on new Admirals Club memberships through June 13, 2011. Simply use code AADV30 at the time of purchase. Sadly enough, I’m almost tempted to get a membership. While my American Express Platinum card gets me in the lounge, it doesn’t get me free wifi.


  1. You could get the wifi hotspot / tether feature with your smartphone. $20/month and you get wifi anywhere you want it.

  2. W/competition maybe it will get changed but the way airlines charge for everything I’m not confident it will happen soon. We won’t want to function w/out wifi so AS’s idea might be the best way for now.

  3. @ Justin — It does not. Only the American Express Platinum card.

    @ Phil — Not with the American Express Platinum card, though I do on account of my status with British Airways.

  4. Lucky, you get free wi-fi with Executive Platinum status (they’ll give you a scratch card if you ask for it).

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