1. A good article. One excellent use of BA miles however is to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business class.

    The cost is only 12,500 miles one-way from UKUSA and if you can get a premium economy ticket in a sale it’s a real bargain given you could earn 10/11,000 miles if flying to the West coast.

  2. It’s kind of sad from a historical perspective as international mileage upgrades used to bring the value per mile (while still earning great EGMs). But those deals vanished thanks to ripoff “co-pays” not to mention stingy release of advance inventory. So now it’s best to get a free ticket, though BA and others still get their pound of flesh through ridiculous “fuel surcharges”

  3. Another advantage of booking an outright award is much more flexibility if you need to change your plans. With an award ticket, you can change dates with no fee in many cases, or redeposit the miles for $150 or less. With a revenue ticket you have all the hassles and restrictions of nonrefundable tickets and draconian change fees/policies.

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