Priority Club introduces last minute reward nights

It has been rumored for a while now that Priority Club will replace PointBreaks (which offered select hotels for 5,000 points per night) with last minute reward nights, which would be quite a devaluation. While Priority Club still has a “live” PointBreaks list, they have also now introduced their first last minute rewards nights list.

The first list has 127 hotels on it, all of which are in the US. The offer only applies for stays this coming weekend, which makes it of limited use. Many (most?) redeem their hotel points for destinations they need to fly to, so while there might be a discounted hotel, that’s only of limited use when flights are expensive. Beyond that, most of the hotels on the list don’t look like places I’d want to book a flight just to visit… Candlewood Suites Detroit, anyone? šŸ˜‰

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I thought the IC O’Hare was one of your favorite airport hotels? It’s on the list.

  2. I thought you were switching all your business to Deltwest so you could spend more time in Detroit…

  3. @Helixcardinal IC ORD is great but best flexible rate for this weekend is just $109, how great a deal is 15k redemption anyway?

  4. I don’t know, that HIX Decatur sounds sooo tempting! haha!

    I could only see these being useful if, by pure chance, I was booking a last minute flight and then ICH just happened to have a “Last Minute” property at my destination. Or something along those lines. At least with the PointsBreak you had some reasonable chance of planning out a nice little trip.

  5. @ Helixcardinal — It is, though as Gary says, the revenue rate is so low that it’s not worth it. When you factor in the points you’re losing out on, the “cent per point” ratio isn’t especially good. But the issue is, if I wanted to visit the IC ORD, it would be more than a couple of days before my stay.

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