Lufthansa Miles & More offering status matches for Air France Flying Blue elites

Lufthansa is offering elites in Air France’s Flying Blue program status matches good through February 2013. Flying Blue Silver matches to Miles & More FTL, while Flying Blue Gold and Platinum matches to Miles & More Senator.

There is a bit of a challenge involved, in that you must fly a roundtrip to qualify:

After only one booked flight (two segments) with Adria Airways, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT, Lufthansa, Luxair or SWISS, you will receive your gold or silver Miles & More card.

To take advantage of this offer you must fill out this form.

Hey, maybe that Flying Blue status match from back in March wasn’t all that worthless. šŸ˜‰

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean)


  1. As a UAL Premier Exec, I did the Flying Blue status match to get Gold Status. Is there any reason whatsoever now to now use that gold to get Miles & More Senator?

  2. So, has anyone actually received the FB elite card after the match almost two months ago?

  3. @pete – I called FB about the physical card and they said that you have to fly at least 1 flight before you can receive the physical card

  4. As a UA 1P, I also did the flying blue status match. I was thinking of doing a mileage challenge with CO just for fun :). LH would be another fun card to add to the collection. All of this pending the receipt of my card. So far it’s not here šŸ™

  5. @Pete Still waiting on everything as well.

    @Erik: Did you sign up right as it became available? Or did you wait toward the end of the promo? Just trying to gauge how long before I get my credentials.

  6. @Pete, Glen and Antonio

    Did you guys already fly at least one flight that you credited to your flying blue account to receive the card? If so, was it on AF/KL metal or did you fly a DL flight?

  7. any idea how long this might last, I’m afraid by the time i get my AF cards the match to LH will be gone.

  8. @Brad – I created a new FB account on March 16th or 17th and did the status match request. They approved my Platinum match on March 28th.

  9. And I have NOT credited a thing to AF, nor have I set foot on a SkyTeam flight in years.

  10. It’s interesting to note how they don’t place any restriction on the “booked flight.” Technically that would make me think one could book an award flight and have it qualify, though I doubt that’s the intent.

    @ Antonio — The eVouchers and also lounge access when traveling domestically within the US are the two main benefits. If you actually bank miles with them, too, the 50% companion award discount is great.

    @ David — Let me see what I can do!

    @ Sam — I doubt it will be yanked too soon. The cost of this is pretty limited to them, given that many will likely take advantage of the offer without actually taking advantage of the status benefits.

  11. Any idea if one must credit the miles to Miles & More? Could I book it and still bank the miles with UA?

  12. I’ve registered today – and got this as a confirmation:

    Flying Blue status is matched with Miles & More status as follows:

    Flying Blue Silver ā†’ Miles & More Frequent Traveller
    Flying Blue Gold ā†’ Miles & More Senator
    Flying Blue Platinum ā†’ Miles & More Senator

    This promotion is valid only for members of the frequent flyer programme Flying Blue. You must register and provide proof of your current status by 31 May 2011. Registration is only possible online through this website. The decision to accept applications rests solely with Miles & More. You will be informed by e-mail once your application has been received. You have until 31 July 2011 to take the respective flights (2 segments) to activate your status regardless of the booking class. The usual conditions apply when requalifying for the relevant status. This offer is not valid for members who currently hold the appropriate status in Miles & More and who have obtained Frequent Traveller or Senator status through a similar promotion.

  13. It would very much surprise me if comped senators will receive any evouchers. They will receive a senator card, nothing more, nothing less

  14. is there anything else that could prove my status with AF, I still haven’t received my AF card

  15. I still haven’t received my AF card, but I find you can get the card image on AF website, so I uploaded that to LH website, let’s see if it is ok. The big question now is how to qualify 2 segment requirement. Do I have to book 2 paid flight and fly them and credit miles to LH? Can miles be credited to UA? Can it be award ticket on LH flight?

  16. Just switched an existing reservation I had from MP to M&M. It’s a 2-segment each-way round-trip within Europe at the end of June, returning early July. I’ll keep you all up-to-date on whether the status match goes through before the return trip.

  17. I was denied the FB status match and I am 1K.

    Did I need to create a completely new account? I am also Skymiles. Could that have possibly bumped me out?

    Oh well

  18. Just got my Miles and More account upgraded to Senator after taking a couple Lufthansa flights on June 23rd. It only came with 1 eVoucher though, which kind of stinks. Are there any ways to redeem a Miles and More eVoucher on any other airline? What’s the best way to use just 1 of them?

  19. I received my Senator “welcome” package in the mail today. It’s very chic, reminiscent of the packaging style of Apple products. The two leather bag tags they include are high quality and really good looking, I think I’ll actually use these!

  20. Hi,

    Could you let me know how you get informed when there is a status match offer?

    I am member of the Flying Blue Petroleum Club and would like to have LH match the benefits as well.

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