Delta and United offer 1,000 miles per $100 in dining spend

Both Delta and United have some pretty lucrative Rewards Network Dining opportunities right now. United is offering 1,000 bonus miles for every $100 spent through June 30 at participating restaurants with no limit (register here).

Delta is also offering 1,000 miles for every $100 in Rewards Network restaurant spend through June 30, with a limit of 5,000 bonus miles (register here).

In both cases the $100 requirement is a cumulative amount, so you don’t have to spend $100 in one shot. So if you spend $30 at one restaurant and $70 at another, that would qualify for the 1,000 bonus miles.

The only thing missing is a half decent Rewards Network restaurant in my neighborhood…

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I do my best to dine at properties in NYC and it’s painful. Very few are worth while. However, there is one restaurant/property called “Butter” that is also the hottest club in Manhattan (on Monday nights 5 years running) and happens to be a Rewards Network participant. Having said that, I’d estimate .001 % of patrons who frequent there are enrolled let alone know the difference between a Euro, or a FF “mile”. These are young-OPEC pricks who spend MASS multiples of 1K+ per night, and I ain’t talking UA status… Let’s call them “Global(s)”. LiteraLEE.

  2. Also, remember to take advantage of the gift certificates at 80% off for certain restaurants that may be part of the Skymiles dining rewards program!

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