1. Thanks for the story. I don’t fly that often and am fairly new to Expert Flyer. Linking the segments and fare buckets together help understand things a bit better.
    I knew they existed but just never gave them much thought.

    Is there a source that explains each fare bucket for each airline?

  2. @ rich (arizona) — I don’t think there is, though often there’s not a whole lot to explain. ExpertFlyer typically explains the fare buckets in descending order, from most expensive to least expensive.

    @ ITA — I don’t believe that it always does.

  3. Wow, that’s amazingly useful info, thanks for the article. Is the Q availabilty on the married segments tied to that specific routing or just “hidden” and useable for other routings? For example, using your SFO-IAD-PIT example, could I say book SFO-IAD-JFK and get Q for the SFO-IAD segment?

  4. So Ben, now that you’re flying more on AA, dose do you deal with the kinks of There has been many times where I would price out a fantastic run like BUF-ORD-CLE-JFK-LAX, and be able to pull it up on using the Muli-city function only to have see “the flights you’ve selected are no longer available” right after I click purchase.

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