Earn 300 Membership Rewards points for using your American Express Platinum card to access a Delta SkyClub

A lot of people have received the following email from Delta:

This May and June, earn 300 Membership Rewards points for every visit to the Delta Sky Club.*

Flying on Delta Air Lines has never been more rewarding, relaxing, or enjoyable for Platinum Card members. When you use your Platinum Card to access any one of the worldwide Delta Sky Clubs this May and June, you will receive 300 Membership Rewards points for each visit. There’s no limit to how many points you can earn. So if you fly Delta Air Lines and visit their lounges frequently, you can be rewarded again and again.

This exclusive opportunity allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a quiet airport refuge where you have room to work and space to breathe, along with appetizers and beer, wine and spirits available all day and served on the house.

To gain admission, simply present the Delta Sky Club agent with your Platinum Card, a ticket valid for same-day travel on Delta, and a government-issued ID.

Membership Rewards points for taking advantage of a benefit that doesn’t cost extra? Sounds like a deal to me, for those of you that are Delta flyers.


  1. Note: I just got one of these, and it is for US Card Holders only. Well, I got the coupon, but I can’t use it…

  2. What if we already get access to the Sky Club on DL through a Business Elite ticket? Can we ask them to give us access based on our credit card?

  3. Is this something you have to register for? BF has the card but doesn’t pay much attention to airline spam like I do…

  4. @ Chasgoose — Assuming you have a Platinum card, I would think they would still give you one upon request.

    @ Ryan — I see no reason you couldn’t.

    @ Jill — There’s no need to register.

  5. so you can go around DL lounges and collect these coupons? Do you mail these coupons in or is there a code on them and a website you can enter them?

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