Bonus of up to 75% for hotel points transfers from US Airways

US Airways is offering a transfer bonus for those converting hotel points to US Airways Dividend Miles through May 31.

Everyone gets a 25% mile bonus. Those that are elites with US Airways get an additional 25% mile bonus. Lastly, those with the US Airways Mastercard get another 25% bonus.

Keep in mind that when transferring Starwood points in increments of 20,000 points you already get a 25% bonus, so this is on top of that. If you qualified for the 75% mileage bonus, this would mean that a transfer of 20,000 Starwood points nets you 43,750 US Airways Dividend Miles.

Frankly, now that Aeroplan is in the process of devaluing their award chart, transferring points to US Airways, especially with this kind of a promotion, might just be the way to go.

Registration is required.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. While you can transfer from Hyatt, I’d say it’s not a great deal. You can probably get a better value if you use those Hyatt points efficiently.

  2. Is it worth doing this if I don’t have a Starwood card yet? I would like to top off my US Airways account so that I can actually use the miles.

  3. is there a maximum amt you are allowed to transfer…is it capped at 20k or is it unlimited?

  4. @ TomW — This is unrelated to their credit card, so it could definitely make sense if you were an elite with US or have their credit card.

    @ dan — No maximum.

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