Hey, I finally have lounge access at Tampa Airport!

I’m enroute to New York this morning on American (connecting in Chicago), and this is my first “real” trip on American in a while. One thing I previously overlooked about them, flying out of Tampa, is that they fly out of the same concourse as US Airways. Now, there are two lounges in Tampa — the Delta SkyClub and the US Airways Club. I doubt I’ll be a Delta frequent flyer anytime soon, even though they do leave from the same concourse as United.

It hadn’t phased me until now, however, that American leaves from the same concourse as US Airways, so thanks to my American Express Platinum card I now have access to the US Airways Club whenever I fly American out of Tampa.

Shockingly enough I went ahead and upgraded my American flights for $60 per segment (I bought “stickers”), so I’ll be reporting on my experience a bit later. I even have wifi on the 737-800 I’m flying to Chicago, so I might even try a live blog post or two while onboard.

Now I just have to figure out whether the bartender here in the US Airways Club is alive or not… she hasn’t blinked throughout the entire Royal Wedding after party thus far.

US Airways Club Tampa


  1. Coins,

    I hope your trip to NYC is stress free, vs the majority of folks that arrived yesterday. Some of the stories I heard were unbelievable, even by our standards.

  2. If you bought the stickers and you’re still on your challenge you should get full credit for those points and not just 1/2 credit. That’s how it worked for me in the past.

  3. If you registered AA as your airline of choice with AX_PLAT, you should get the sicker fee back as part of your $200 rebate.

  4. @ Dan — So far so good!

    @ studio253 — Good to know, thanks, though in this case I’m actually on a “V” fare, which qualifies for 1 point per mile (shockingly enough).

    @ wxguy — I used the fee credit to buy $200 worth of American gift cards (in $50 increments). 🙂

  5. US’s Tampa club looks bigger than I thought it’d be.
    The bartender at the club LGA died years ago.

  6. Ben- At least she was at the bar when you went. After waiting 10 minutes at an empty bar last time, I went in the back area to try and find her. I realize in a small club they have other duties, but you can check back in once in a while, right? Maybe they are testing self service?? 🙂

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