New Priority Club PointBreaks list is out

PointBreaks is the promotional award redemption offer run by Priority Club, whereby they offer select hotels for only 5,000 Priority Club points per night (worth roughly $30USD). So obviously if you can find a hotel you actually want to stay at, this is an absolute bargain. However, over the years the promotion has really been watered down to the point that there just aren’t very many good hotels on it anymore. It looks like Priority Club released a new PointBreaks list just now. The only InterContinental on the list is the InterContinental Merida.

The strange thing is that this list is only good through May 15, which is less than three weeks. Usually the lists are good for at least double that long, so something tells me this might just be the end of the PointBreaks promotion, as they try to offer a new type of promotion.


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