Buy 10,000 Priority Club points for $60.30 through Discover America

This Wednesday, April 27, at 12PM eastern, Discover America will be selling 650 packages of 10,000 Priority Club points for $67 each. If you pay with an American Express card you get a 10% discount, bringing the cost down to $60.30 per package. Each Priority Club member is limited to five packages.

Now, there’s always the “backdoor” way of buying Priority Club points at the same rate through booking cash and points reservations and then canceling them, though these points actually count towards elite status, unlike the other method.

60,000 points gets you Priority Club Platinum status. Admittedly Platinum status with Priority Club isn’t worth the world, though it’s worth something

While I won’t be taking advantage of this, I’m sure it makes sense for some. The highest end InterContinental hotels go for 40,000 Priority Club points per night, so that would cost about $240 through this promotion. That’s a great deal, though the fact that InterContinental still doesn’t honor elite benefits on award stays takes some value out of award redemptions for me.


  1. I wonder if this offer is legit for non-US people? There’s two parts to that: (a) can you get the points at all, and (b) if you pay with a non-US Amex can you get the discount?

    Still, decent value esp. if it counts towards elite status (not entirely clear there on that one).

  2. Last year the DiscoverAmerica purchase of Priority Club points counted as earning elite qualifying points. I earned elite status buying points through the purchase.

  3. When you cancel a Points & Cash reservation does the charge amount get credited back to the original credit card? I know you get to keep the points this way:-)

  4. can you please explain how to do this—“there’s always the “backdoor” way of buying Priority Club points at the same rate through booking cash and points reservations and then canceling them”

  5. If I manage to get in, the 50,000 points I buy will pay for 2 nights near the Jersey Shore later this summer. The $194 per night room will end up costing me $150. Wish me luck. FYI, summer at the Jersey Shore is expensive, with no work-arounds (except this).

  6. Got it! (5) packages of 10K points, total cost $301.50. That’s good for two nights in NYC, and if all goes well, will renew my Platinum membership for next year. Thanks for the tip!

  7. My last reward stays at IC Monterey, Boston and The Willard as a RA were honored with Suite Upgrade, a bottle of wine and fruit … so it seems they honor some of the perks. Next stay will be at the IC Time Square… fingers crossed…

  8. Stan Ath, the “backdoor” way to buy points at $6 per 1000 would be this: you have to start out with at least 5000 PC points in your account (or buy them at a higher rate to begin with). Then book a (cancellable) reward stay for a room that reguarly goes for 15000 points as a “points + cash” stay for 5000 points + $60. PC will require you to buy the additional 10000 points for $60. Then if you cancel the hotel reservation, you still keep the additional 10000 points in your account. Repeat these steps until you get the points you need.

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