Plane returned to the gate, because, uh…

Per Denver ABC 7 News, a United flight from Denver to Orange County returned to the gate on Thursday night after a passenger noticed “three suspicious passengers on board.” They were removed from the flight for questioning, along with the passenger that made the report.

Based on previous stories I’d have to guess they were praying, right? Nope, here’s the story:

It’s believed that a couple of the passengers were taking photographs, or something like that, while the plane was taxiing, and that raised suspicion, said DIA spokesman Jeff Green.

Seriously? And yes, the “seriously” applies to both the reason they were removed and the use of “or something like that.”


  1. Well, they hadn’t turned off all electronic devices as ordered by their crew, unless they were using old film cameras…

  2. The story mentions that the plane had to go to LAX before SNA due to the curfew at SNA. I’ve heard that the SNA curfew is pretty strict, and that SOP is to go to ONT where pax are bused to SNA.

    I’m guessing that if the flight went to LAX, it didn’t continue onto to SNA later that night. What a debacle.

  3. …and… where is even a hint of significant detail? The post tells us nothing more than that three (or four) sould were removed from a flight. Come on folks… If you are going to report an event, report it. If you don’t have the important DETAILS, hold your pipes until you do. Frankly, I think this post was a serious waste of my time. We both know that you can do a LOT better. Thank you. -C.

  4. SNA sucks. I once watched about a half dozen people walk right passed the two ID checkers because they were too busy cat-fighting with each other…reported it, and nothing.

  5. Hey, that could easily have been the guy who recently posted takeoff & landings vids right here in the Boarding Area!

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