The worst United fare sale ever?

While trying to book a ticket tonight on I couldn’t help but notice the banner for a fare sale, with the title “Great deals to D.C.” Now, I have incredibly low expectations when I see a fare sale being publicized, since it’s rarely actually a “sale.” Typically they’re just promoting the normal fare and making it sound “special.”

However, when I clicked on this deal my jaw nearly dropped when I saw the prices, which are as follows:

Is United really advertising a $578 roundtrip (plus tax) fare between Denver and Washington? Worst of all, the fare is a 21 day advance purchase fare good only for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

On their front page they’re also advertising two other fare “sales.” One is the “Golden getaways to California” sale, and the other is the “Getting to Chicago is a breeze” sale, which offer equally crazy fares.

The irony in all this is that I’ve actually seen the most reasonable fares that I’ve seen all year in the past week or so. I’m finally able to book mileage runs for $250 roundtrip all-in again, with fare rules far less restrictive than the ones for the “sales” above.


  1. I can’t for the life of me find any runnable fares recently with all the fare increases this year. 1K for next year is looking unattainable at this point. Any tips or is it just a ORD issue?

  2. @JamesORD,

    I’ve seen the same thing with US Airways out of PHX. I haven’t spent a lot of time looking for MRs but when I do look the fares just aren’t low enough. If I do any MRs it seems like my best bet is with CO/UA since their fares generally are much lower than US.

    The best bargains have been to Europe (London) on Delta but I have zero miles with them.

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