Day 3 of American’s 30 Deals in 30 Days: 3,000 AAdvantage bonus miles for shopping, dining, and traveling

On Day 1 of American’s “30 Deals in 30 Days” promotion we saw them offering up to 30,000 bonus miles for booking five roundtrip tickets for travel between May 15 and November 15. While the second day had a boring Avis triple miles promotion, there’s another pretty good promotion today. American is offering 3,000 bonus AAdvantage miles if you spend a total of $30 via the AAdvantage eShopping Toolbar, spend $30 via AAdvantage dining, and take a flight on American, all by May 27. In place of the flight on American you can instead credit a car rental or hotel stay to AAdvantage. As usual, registration is required at the above link.


  1. I already have a flight booked to fly in mid May so does this count towards the promotion or is a new booking required?

  2. Completely OT, but what happened to the “Next” and “Previous” links at the bottom of your posts? I liked those. I didn’t get online much when I was traveling last week, so I must’ve missed it. Did it go away when you upgraded the commenting function?

  3. @ SvP — As far as I can tell any flight counts, even if it was already booked.

    @gobluetwo — Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware of all the minor changes that were coming with the reformatting, though I’m sending over the suggestions one by one in hopes that they get added. If you notice anything else that has changed, please let me know!

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