American offers 30,000 AAdvantage miles for five roundtrips between May 15 and November 15

You know what’s sad? This is the first non-targeted great airline promotion I can think of in a very long time.

As part of AAdvantage’s 30th anniversary celebration, American is offering 30,000 bonus miles for five roundtrips flown between May 15 and November 15. The catch is that only trips booked on through April 30 qualify. Registration is also required. You can also earn bonus miles even if you don’t quite make it to five roundtrips, as follows:

1,000 bonus miles after your first roundtrip
3,000 bonus miles after your second roundtrip
6,000 bonus miles after your third roundtrip
9,000 bonus miles after your fourth roundtrip
11,000 bonus miles after your fifth roundtrip

This makes me a very happy camper, given that I’m going for Executive Platinum status with American. It looks like it’s time to book a few more runs in the next couple of weeks!


  1. Of course, tickets purchased before today (and before qualifying) do NOT qualify for the promotion.

  2. I agree with Nomad, its going to be hard to get 5 good trips booked, especially since the few good fares out there are all restricted to May

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