Reminder: Hyatt points available for purchase tomorrow through Discover America promotion

Back on April 5 I posted about Hyatt’s participation in this year’s Discover America promotion, so consider this a reminder. Tomorrow, April 15, Hyatt points will be available for about one cent each starting at 12PM eastern time.

Keep in mind that you get a 10% discount if you use an American Express credit card, so be sure to have that ready when the clock strikes noon. There are a total of 165 packages, ranging from 24,000 to 69,000 Gold Passport points to be deposited in your account.

At the very least, the cheapest package is for 24,000 Gold Passport points, which will cost you $225 if paying with an American Express card. To put that into perspective, Hyatt’s category 6 hotels (their top hotels, including even the best Park Hyatts) cost 22,000 points per night, so your $225 purchase is enough for a free night AND you would have 2,000 points left over.

To purchase the packages tomorrow, just follow the link for the package you’re most interested in. Per Loyalty Traveler, here are the prices, number of points, quantities, and links to follow tomorrow:

Now, as a frequent Hyatt guest, you’d think it’s a total no brainer to go with the 69,000 point package (or even attempt to buy multiple packages), but I haven’t decided yet. What are y’all aiming for?


  1. Enough reminding about this! It will be impossible to buy these with all of the advertising! 🙁

  2. Am I missing something? Hyatt’s website says that a category 6 costs 22,000 points (including the best Park Hyatts)!

  3. Man, I need to get more sleep. Sorry about that, you guys are right, I was thinking of the old award prices. That’s it, I’m taking a nap.

  4. I land in DEN at 11:00am, and will immediately attempt to purchase the 24,000 point package.. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. These sales are just marketing exercises to generate publicity and interest in their programs. Unless you have a stay planned in the short term in an expensive city they are generally not worth it in my opinion. Points always devalue over time.

  6. I’m probably looking at the bottom level believe it or not. It’ll pay “entirely” for one of the trips I have to Chicago in October amazingly, whilst saving me a fair amount… on the conference rate.

    Oh well. Looks like I’ll have to hang round work late tomorrow…

  7. I guess we get to wait until Fall to see if there will be a FFN promo, which is what makes Hyatt’s Gold Passport promo incredible.

  8. All this “Discover America” promotion ever does is help me discover how quickly my blood pressure can rise! I can never get one of these — I open multiple browsers, have my credit card on hand, a timer…everything, and still can never get in on it…

  9. I want to get in on this, but I’m normally a Starwood person, so I really don’t understand the Hyatt program at all. Plus, accounts expire after 12 months, so I’m afraid of these disappearing into the ether…

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