Lufthansa A380 first class award availability on the Miami to Frankfurt route

A while back Lufthansa announced that they would introduce the A380 on the Miami to Frankfurt route, which came as as a shocker to many. While Europeans love the sun, the fact that there will be virtually zero connecting traffic in Miami due to Lufthansa’s lack of partners there seems to make it a tough route to sustain, in my opinion.

Anyway, the frustration with the A380 is that Lufthansa blocks first class award redemptions on that aircraft for those booking through Star Alliance partners.

Well, for whatever reason, they haven’t blocked all of the space between Miami and Frankfurt, at least for later in the year. I’m looking at dates in December, and there’s pretty decent first class award availability, even for two people some days.

This raises the question as to whether this is an oversight or whether Lufthansa is actually starting to release first class award space on the A380. I can’t imagine the premium cabin yields to Miami are all that great, given that it’s primarily a leisure destination, so maybe this is a conscious decision. Or maybe Lufthansa doesn’t plan on keeping the A380 on the route through the end of the year. On one hand I can’t imagine they would just temporarily introduce the A380 on a route, but on the other hand I can’t imagine that Miami will be able to sustain the yields they want for the A380. Who knows, I’m probably wrong.

I’m sure at least one person will comment “so Lucky, how many of these did you book?” The answer is zero. I hate to say it, but the lure of the A380 is starting to get lost on me a bit. Lufthansa’s new hard product on the 747 actually looks better than the product on the A380. And after spending this past Christmas in Germany, you’d have to pay me to go there again in winter.

Simply put, I’ve flown most of the best products out there, and while I’m always on the hunt for a great product, at the end of the day I’m getting a ten hour flight with the same food, service, and a flat bed, regardless of which aircraft I’m on. Get me a decent product to a warm destination and I’m a happy camper!


  1. They seem to be releasing space on a few JFK flights, and blocking on 744 flights seems to have stopped.

    Interestingly, I just booked LH F to Miami through Duseldorf because there was nothing from FRA in May.,

  2. Seeing as to how you’ve “flown most of the best products out there,” why don’t you embark on a different mission now, which is to visit some of the most amazing places around the world? I’d definitely look forward to those trip reports and live vicariously through you (I have the miles, but a wife and kids are the biggest buzz-kill to any “rolling stone” type — shhh…I didn’t say that).

    Of course you should still keep seeking out new and exciting airlines (which you are) and I’ll look forward to those reports, too!

    Maybe you can put a poll on your blog asking readers to suggest destinations and then we all vote on them. Then, you MUST go there (okay, you can choose not to, I guess). That way you maintain the excitement and also the challenge of planning the perfect mileage trip (& run) on a whim and with no prior planning.

    …aah, the possibilities…

  3. Ben,

    Since you’re not sure if this is an oversite or not, why don’t you call LH and find out.

  4. I am actually kinda hoping my 747 from SFO to FRA doesn’t turn into an A380… the new F looks interesting!

  5. @as,

    He’s making his money (on the blog and via the travel award service) via knowledge on airlines and awards, not with knowledge about cities and things to see (such as Rick Steves). Spending an extra week sightseeing is nice but comes at a cost. Going to cost more points or money for hotels, meals,etc.

    It may seem wasteful but very few of us have unlimited money and time.

  6. Actually Lufthansa has two key emerging partners in the miami market, Copa and Avianca (and actually TAM, at least for now). Copa is especially key because it now has 5x daily service to its hub in Panama (with ever increasing connections across all of Latin America. Add in the fact that Miami is a desirable stopover point for many Latins on their way to Europe and suddenly LH is getting a lot more feed to fill their A380s.

  7. Very sad the joy of Bavaria in the winter didn’t rub off on you. Weinachtsmarkts and gluwein really signal the beginning of Christmas to me these days. We’ve been several times at around U.S. Thanksgiving and love being outdoors, shopping, mingling with locals, and enjoying the time away.

  8. A reason for the reduction in available award seats in F might be that the A380 has only 8 F seats, whereas the B744 has 16 in the current configuration (will be 8 in new three class configuration). So there will be cut of F seats on LH’S MIA-FRA flights.

  9. Miami typically features the highest loads, and is second only to LAX in yields, amongst all of Lufthansa’s North American stations. Unlike, say, the Brits, Germans pay A LOT of money to fly to Florida, and they buy up premium seats on the Miami run. Little connecting traffic is required from the North American side because MIA-FRA is sustained primarily by German O&D traffic and secondarily through traffic heading to other countries with large diasporas in South Florida (e.g., Israel, South Africa).

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