Qatar Airways buy one get one free sale (with restrictions)

In celebration of their 100th destination, Qatar Airways has a buy one get one free sale until tomorrow, April 14. The offer is good for roundtrip economy class travel between May 1 and June 14, 2011. Their routes to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires are excluded, and travel originating in the United States must terminate beyond Doha. Full terms and conditions are available in the link above.

(Tip of the hat to Andre)


  1. I’ve been playing with that offer today. IAH-MEL via DOH is around 30K EQMs, for about $1500 per ticket ai, so nothing too great other than being able to knock off a bunch of miles in one trip. BKK was around a grand. Not sure if I’ll have the guts to pull the trigger before the offer expires. Not familiar with Qatar coach, but even for a ‘5 star airline’, I have to assume it would still be painful to be stuck in a Y seat for 30 hours.

  2. In the past couple of weeks I have seen a Qatar Airways A320-family plane parked intermittently at LAX (not sure of the exact type). I wonder what this might be — charter? VIP?

    The other day our local paper showed a photo of one of the new C17 aircraft that are being delivered to the Qatar air force, and it had a painting scheme very similar to Qatar Airways. Now that I find a bit odd.

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