US Airways makes right on their “1,000 free miles” email fluke

As I blogged about a couple of days ago, US Airways had sent out emails offering people 1,000 free miles, only to follow up a week later and say it was a mistake. Per The Points Guy, it appears that US Airways is now honoring the deal, but only if you call them to request the points. Simply call them at 800.428.4322, press 3, and speak to someone at Dividend Miles. It takes a couple of minutes, but the points will be posted to your account instantly.

Kudos to US Airways on this, though I think it was the only right thing to do.


  1. I called and received 1000 miles but they wanted me to describe the email promising me the 1000 customer appreciation miles. I did not save it although I was able to convince the rep that I did receive it! Next time I will save email!

  2. Have to disagree with you here, Lucky, when you give them Kudos for making things right. They are only giving miles to those who call and complain. The vast majority of people wont call. Many will just be pissed off. The right thing to do was to just eat their mistake and give everyone who got the email the miles.

    I would think the cost would be negligible. Think how much one prime time 30 second commercial costs. This seems like it would be much less and it has generated so much bad will.

  3. OK, so it is a half-way out for them. They made a goof and they know it. They are honoring their goof for those who ask, but nothing ever said ‘automatic.’ let’s get past this “Screw the Airline,” position and allow them to make a whoops once in a while. I do it. I suspect that you do it, too. In the end, one thousand ‘free’ miles on your account with this carrier is not a big deal. Those with major complaints might consider a productive hobby and donatine some time to a charity. In short (for the serious complainers) get a life. In the end, this airline owes you *nothing* beyond safe transportation between Point A and Point B. One has to wonder why some people buy airplane tickets. Is it for Point A to B transportation, or is it an opportunity to attempt screwing the airline? Consider your motivations folks. Please. The airlines – damn near all of them – are trying their very best to deliver folks safely and on time – and in that order. Unless you are taking an 8-12 hour flight, does the rest really matter? Airplanes are not hotels. Get a life! -C.

  4. 8 minutes total and posting of the miles was immediate upon completion of the call. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Just called, asked about the miles and they were instantly posted. Just ask for an operator after you press 3

  6. Just curious if you know if an email to customer service will work. I have accounts for my children that received the email and I thought I might try this route for them and the hubby.
    I’ll post my results.

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