Hyatt’s Passport Escapes Award Redemptions

It’s rare that I learn something new about my preferred loyalty programs, though when I do I try to pass it on. Anyway, I never realized Hyatt has “Passport Escapes” award redemptions, which can be had in increments of five or seven nights. Through this package, in addition to accommodations, you get complimentary daily breakfast, along with dinner for several nights of your stay. For the five day package you get three dinners, while for the seven day package you get five dinners. For a category 6 hotel for five nights, the package costs 145,000 points. The normal cost for five nights of accommodation is 110,000 points, so you’re basically paying 35,000 points for free daily breakfast and three dinners.

Now, if you’re a Diamond member and already get free breakfast, this probably isn’t the best deal. And in most other cases it’s probably not the best deal either, given that you probably don’t want to eat at the hotel restaurant for most nights of your stay.

However, this deal is somewhat compelling if you’re thinking of staying at the new Park Hyatt Maldives, for example. The cost of food in the Maldives is astronomically expensive, and it’s not like you can really leave the resort, so you’re having dinner there either way. Assuming Hyatt points are worth something like 1.5-2.0 cents each, you’re looking at a premium of $500-700 for five breakfasts and three dinners, which is a bargain if you’re not a Diamond member. Even if you are a Diamond member and value your points at two cents each, I wouldn’t be surprised if you still come out ahead, just for the three dinners.

Put into the context of the upcoming Discover America promotion, this is even more interesting. Theoretically, if you could buy all the packages, you would be looking at 159,000 points for about $1,600. That’s more than enough points for a five day stay in the Maldives under the Passport Escapes package, making your stay $320 per night… with 14,000 points left over!


  1. SHHH!!!! 🙂

    I think most had relegated the “Passport Escape” awards to the not worth it pile – mainly because there do seem to be more reasonably valued and varied alternatives in Kauai, Paris, Etc. But you’ve hit the one place where it would seem to be worth it.

  2. @ michael — It’s definitely a very pricey destination to get to. The number of miles all depends on the cabin, where you’re starting, etc. That being said, from Male airport it’s a $450 per person seaplane/speedboat transfer to the hotel.

  3. Just wanted to say that the reward certificates are available for use at PH Maldives too. Brings cost down to $319/night. Buf of course, you lose the points…

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