American Airlines no longer offering Executive Platinum challenges

Back in January I posted about American offering fast track challenges to Executive Platinum status, which is their top tier. The offer was available to top tier elites with select other airlines, and offered Platinum status up front (their mid tier status), and Executive Platinum status after earning 25,000 elite qualifying points within 90 days (which requires anywhere between around 17,000 and 50,000 actual flown miles, depending on the fare classes you usually travel in).

Given that American has historically been incredibly stingy when it comes to status matching elites from other airlines, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity, so signed up for the challenge and even booked a paid business class “mileage run” (upgraded to international first class) to work towards completing the challenge.

Well, according to American’s Executive Office, they’re no longer offering this challenge as of March 23. However, it may return, so stay tuned. I’m guessing they’re analyzing the travel patterns of those they’ve offered this to so far, to see whether it makes sense or not. I promise to take one for the team and not disappoint American, so hopefully more of you can take advantage of the challenge!

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