US Airways 75% bonus on mileage transfers through May 31, 2011

Through May 31, US Airways is offering a 75% bonus on miles transferred between accounts, up to 37,500 bonus miles and one transaction. The cost to transfer miles is one cent per mile, plus 7.5% tax, plus a $30 transaction fee. In other words, 37,500 miles would cost you $567.50, or 1.51 cents per mile (can someone double check my math)?

There’s also an offer for 50% off purchased miles through May 14 for those with the co-branded US Airways credit card.

All around, not as straightforward as the good old days of the 100% bonus on purchased miles, but still quite good.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I’m sorry, I fail to see the value in spending $567.50 on 37,500 miles.

    Is that a good deal? Shouldn’t I be able to find advance purchase fares for less?

  2. @ Michael — It’s not a good deal if you redeem miles for domestic travel, but for international premium cabin travel it’s quite a good deal. A business class ticket award to Europe costs 100,000 miles, which can be purchased for about $1,500 at the rate above.

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