US Airways $259 Club membership offer still live

Back on March 22 I posted about US Airways discounting the cost of their club membership to $259. While the deal seemed to be dead after about a day, it’s once again live, apparently through April 7. Just follow this link to purchase a membership for $259, and apparently even the $50 initiation fee is waived.

As I mentioned in the previous post, even if you’re not a US Airways traveler, this can be a great deal. A US Airways Club membership gets you into Red Carpet Clubs, Presidents Clubs, and other Star Alliance lounges.

And who knows, if you have an American Express Platinum credit card, maybe your $200 airline fee credit will even count towards this.


  1. Access to usairways clubs is free for Amex platinum and Centurian members. It began about 6 months ago.

  2. @ Scott — No, you can take a guest, it just means it’s not a spousal membership (meaning a spouse couldn’t use the club if traveling alone).

    @ Leonard — Correct, though a US Airways Club membership gets you into Red Carpet Clubs and Presidents Clubs. The American Express Platinum card doesn’t get you into Red Carpet Clubs, and as of October, won’t get you into Presidents Clubs either.

  3. so wait…what reason would anyone have not to do this instead of an RCC membership? Am I missing something?! I fly UA exclusively but do not have an RCC membership because $450 is outrageous. Thoughts, Ben?

  4. @wunderpit:
    Reaons…? I’d guess the offer is availble for only two days and many people might miss these days.

  5. @ wunderpit — @RL is correct. If you want access to RCCs and are willing to pay this price, this is the way to go, hands down.

  6. Of course, you can also access *Alliance lounges as long as you have a same-day boarding pass for a *Alliance airline. Of course, if US Airways leaves *Alliance within the next 12 months. . .

  7. Except, at Singapore – the only accessible lounges would be the SATS Premier Lounge (in T2, not the T3 one) and the TG Royal Orchid Lounge in T1. As far as I’ve been able to determine, none of the T3 lounges (SQ SilverKris Business class lounge or the SQ gold lounge) are accessible with just the US Airways Club membership (not *Gold).

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