Opportunity to purchase Hyatt points at about one cent each on April 15

Discover America is a program sponsored by American Express to promote tourism in the US. They ran this last year, and it proved to be a great opportunity to buy points on the cheap. Last year, through the promotion it was possible to buy Priority Club points for 0.6 cents each, buy Hyatt points at one cent each, and buy Starwood points at around 1.45 cents each, all of which are bargains.

Anyway, the promotion is back, and looking at the calendar this year, Hyatt will be featured on Friday, April 15. The opportunity to purchase points comes in four different packages this year. You can purchase 24,000 points for $250, 30,000 points for $333, 36,000 points for $415, or 69,000 points for $778. Furthermore, you get a 10% discount for buying the points with an American Express credit card. Solely on a cent per point basis, the 24,000 points for $250 is the best deal, given that it’s really only $225 if you pay with an American Express card — that’s 0.94 cents per point.

Keep in mind quantities are very limited, so not everyone will be able to get in on this deal.


  1. When I look at the Hyatt points offer – it says it can only be redeemed for Cat 3 hotels. How does that work? Do you get 24000 points in your account and then those points are somehow restricted at certain hotels? I find this offer rather confusing.

  2. @ Gene — I don’t see them published anywhere, unfortunately.

    @ sjs — I don’t see it listed yet this year. Just meant the Discover American program as such was back. That being said, I’m guessing they’ll participate again.

    @ bush — While it is confusing, those are simply suggestions for redemptions. You get the points deposited straight into your account and you can use them for whatever you want.

  3. For those of us who have very little (or no) experience with hotel programs, can you elaborate more on the usefulness of 24,000 Hyatt points?

    Realistically, what could I use them for? One or two nights at a decent relatively cheap hotel? I basically have no clue what these points can get me, and hence no clue what they are worth. Advice would be appreciated 🙂

  4. @ Emil — For those looking to maximize, a single night at a category six hotel (Hyatt’s top category) costs 22,000 points per night. In other words, for $225 you’re getting more than enough points for a night at the Park Hyatt Paris, Park Hyatt Maldives, Park Hyatt Tokyo, etc. There are plenty of other hotels that usually go for $150-200 per night that are available for about 8,000 points per night, so you’d be getting three nights at those hotels through this offer.

  5. @ joediver — It’s probably a function of American Express being the official sponsor of the event. Doubt they’d want them providing a discount for using a Chase Visa card!

    @ Dayswim — Yes.

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