The first free miles offer I won’t take advantage of?

I’m often asked how it is that I have so many miles. Among other things, it’s because I take advantage of every offer out there, no matter how small. 100 miles here, 1,000 miles there — it all adds up.

Well, Spirit is giving away 5,000 miles to promote their bus tour, and I can’t bring myself to even claim the 5,000 miles. I can’t fathom the circumstances I’d be under where flying Spirit could be considered a reward, not even taking into account the fact that you have to pay for carry on bags.

Anyone else willingly turning down 5,000 “free” miles?

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I will not bore you with the long sad story of them leaving me stranded high and dry for days, without even appearing to give a flip, however, I will state unequivocally that I wouldn’t take “free” anything from them. I do not understand how this company continues…

  2. Gary my dear,

    I was just spitting the same fire this afternoon…I couldn’t agree more.

    No thanks Spirit!

  3. Not only won’t I take that offer, I will never fly Spirit again. Ever. On one trip they cost me over $1800 in tickets and cab rides and broken luggage for my family.

    And this is before they instituted their carry-on fees.

    Not happening.

  4. I’ll pass too – we had one bad incident 11 years ago. As I told my wife, even “I” have standards.

  5. Passed on this also.

    I looked at the offer, especially with the chance of winning more. And then I noticed that they expire in 3 months if you don’t have activity. Since they don’t fly into DEN yet, I doubt I’d have activity for a while.

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